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Tucker Hinds

Basic Information: Male Australian Shepherd mix, 3 yrs old

Pet’s Name (and Owner’s Name) Tucker (Leah Hinds)

Pet’s Job Title – Farm Director and Chief Executive Chicken Herder(and Owner’s Job Title) (Executive Director)

Owner’s Institution – Charleston Conference

BORN AND LIVED:  Born on a farm in Saluda, SC, and raised on a farm in Gilbert, SC.

WORK FROM HOME HIGHLIGHTS:  Strengths: loyalty, good company, soulful eyes. Weaknesses: smells, loud noises, shedding. Learning not to bark during Zoom meetings or phone calls. It’s very hard to remember this, though, especially when there are emergencies outside such as package deliveries, random squirrels, or chicken egg laying noises.

WHAT HAVE YOU LEARNED ABOUT LIBRARIES: I’ve never been to one, but from what I hear they are really cool. Goal is to visit one someday. I hear there are snacks.

IN MY SPARE TIME: Naps in the sun on the front porch, evening zoomies (running in circles in the front yard), playing half-fetch (go get the ball but don’t bring it back), and eating a lot.

FAMILY: Sister Bailey (Border Collie/Blue Heeler mix), sister Hannah (Jack Russell Terrier mix), lots of random farm animals, human father, mother, sister, brother.

MENTORS/ANIMALS WHO INSPIRE ME: Gracie – “Bark” Ranger at Glacier National Park in Montana. She’s a Border Collie that is specially trained in wildlife shepherding, moving bighorn sheep, mountain goats, and other animals to safety.

THE CHANGE I HOPE TO MAKE:  I’ve heard coronavirus is very bad, but I like the quarantine because my people are home all the time and there are more snacks. Enjoy your snacks in the sunshine as often as you can. And naps in the sunshine are good too. 

WHAT TO LOOK FORWARD TO: My favorite times of day are: 1) when the sun first comes up, and the rooster crows. That’s the sign to get started with my patrol, even though my people try to get me to sleep until later, and that breakfast will be coming soon. 2) Dinner time – my mom always gives me a nibble of good things as she’s cutting them up to cook. 3) Movies at night – because popcorn.

PLANS FOR WHEN WORK FROM HOME ENDS: My mom works from home all the time, so things won’t change too much. But I would like to go to parks and go hiking more often.

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