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As we have settled in to working from home, those of us with pets have gotten to know them a lot better. Our new  Paws Encouraged Profiles are a chance to share with you a little bit more about our new office-mates. If you are interested in sharing your pet, Paws Encouraged! Contact to set up a pet profile (paws aren’t even required, they could have hooves, talons, or even no feet at all)!

By:  Circe (and Katina Strauch), Indispensable home companion (and her mistress, founder of the Charleston Conference)

Circe Strauch

BORN AND LIVED: Circe’s origins are unknown. She was adopted from a Jack Russell rescue farm way out in Berkeley County, SC. She was given a name from Greek mythology to add an air of elegance and mystery.

WORK FROM HOME HIGHLIGHTS: Circe has quite regular routines that the family is expected to follow. At 10 we all go to the post office in a golf cart. There is another cart ride around 4. Dog food for meals is regarded skeptically while she waits to see if there is something more exotic like sausage or steak. Cheese during the drinks hour at 7 is a favorite.

WHAT HAVE YOU LEARNED ABOUT LIBRARIES: Circe has never really been a library dog as Katina retired soon after Circe came to live here. The home, however, is a place of books and stacks of papers. Katina spends most of her day in front of a computer while Circe naps in a chair nearby.

IN MY SPARE TIME: Circe can snooze in a second although anyone passing on the street has her awake and barking. Circe really dislikes being wet. Refuses to go out on a rainy day. Stays well clear of the swimming pool.

FAMILY: Along with Katina, there is husband Bruce who along with another mass of books and papers paints pictures of dogs.

AND ABOUT THOSE PAINTINGS:  They range from fox hounds to Walkers to daschunds. Circe doesn’t seem to particularly notice all the company because they are … well, inanimate.

IMPORTANCE OF MAINTAINING STANDARDS: Circe gets quite cross if the daily routine is not followed pretty much to standard. If guests stay over too long, she glowers and goes to her bed, making it very clear it is bedtime.

PLANS FOR WHEN WORK FROM HOME ENDS: Sullivan’s Island has been closed to the general public, but for island residents, it’s life as usual. There will just be a lot more people frantically trying to find a parking space. 

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