ATG Newsflash: Landmark Transformative Agreement reached between Springer Nature and University of California

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Landmark Transformative Agreement reached between Springer Nature and University of California

“Springer Nature, the largest open access (OA) publisher, and the University of California (UC) have agreed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for a transformative agreement (TA). The agreement, which is the largest transformative open access agreement in North America to date, and the first for Springer Nature in the U.S., signals increasing global momentum and support for the open access movement.

The agreement will accelerate OA research in the US and make US-funded research more visible, usable, reusable and reproducible around the world more quickly.  It will enable all UC researchers to publish OA in Springer Nature’s portfolio of over 2200 hybrid journals as well as in over 500 Springer Nature fully OA journals, including those in the BMC portfolio.  It also provides reading access to all journals in the Springer portfolio which represents over 1000 additional new titles, delivering benefits to librarians and researchers.

It is a significant first step in UC and Springer Nature’s OA partnership.  The MOU also commits both parties to the following important partnerships with the Nature Research portfolio:

  • Expanding support for the fully OA portfolio to include the Nature Research fully OA titles including Nature Communications and Scientific Reports in a next phase as funding allows.
  • Launching a joint pilot project with Nature Research to explore the impact and scope of open science content which will provide insight and learnings that can be exported elsewhere in the US, and beyond.
  • Developing a transformative path for the Nature Research subscription journals includingNature, to be fully operational in the third year of the agreement. 

Transformative agreements are complex and no two customers are the same. Springer Nature’s  investment in purpose built OA-led technological solutions has enabled the company to offer a flexible framework to its TA partners based on their needs and objectives. Under this specific arrangement Springer Nature will provide a multi-payer workflow which will allow both library and research funds to contribute to the APC cost. Given the complex and evolving OA funding landscape, it is expected that this workflow will be beneficial in enabling others who wish to embark on the transition to OA within the US and beyond…”

In order to read the entire press release please click here.

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