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Coronavirus Update: BISG’s Annual Meeting ‘Repositions’ Online

According to Publishing Perspectives “the Book Industry Study Group – focused on supply chain in the United States – is reformatting its annual meeting to a series of digital events held over several weeks.

“… what would have been its September 11 annual meeting–a postponement from the original April 24 date–is today (June 29) as being announced as a series of online sessions running from late July to that September 11 date in a “repositioned” format.

The repositioning of BISG’s program includes the advantage that staffers of companies–even those companies that are not BISG members–will be able to access the programming free of charge. The traditional program is a one-day ticketed event, normally at New York City’s Harvard Club. And this open format is thanks to Bowker, which is sponsoring the digital rendition of the program.

Also good news: James Daunt, CEO of Barnes & Noble and managing director of the UK’s Waterstones, continues as keynote speaker and he’s to be interviewed by BISG executive director Brian O’Leary at 3 p.m. ET on September 11 in the final session of the series.

Events in BISG’s Online Annual Meeting Sequence

You can register for each session–and get it onto your calendar–by clicking on the session name.

An overview of all the events is on this page...

(@ SOCINFO 2020)
6 OCT. 2020, PISA, ITALY

“Over the last decade, research scaled up tremendously in terms of publications, research data, authors, contributing institutions, projects, and funding opportunities. Nowadays scientific progress, with its estimated 150 million literature corpus, an annual increase rate of around 1.5 million publications, and as many (open) research data, promoted research to a multifaceted, high-frequency, global-scale phenomenon that can be approached computationally thanks to the vast amount of data available.

It is therefore of paramount importance to study such an articulated, evolving system in order to understand its dynamics, patterns, internal equilibria, and interactions among the diverse scientific actors and entities. In particular, recent studies have proved that a holistic study of research as a complex phenomenon inserted in a delicate socioeconomic and geopolitical context, rather than as an isolated, context-unaware system, can provide a deeper understanding on how research and researchers influence and are influenced by the world outside academia. An analysis as such can provide answers to socio-economic questions, frame academic research on a geopolitical canvas, provide insight on the factors that generate successful science, allocate better the available resources, and therefore benefit from greater impact and efficacy…”



15 AUGUST 2020 (23.59 ANYWHERE ON EARTH): Extendend abstracts submission 47d 21h 52m 54s31 AUGUST 2020: Notification (Registration details available here)


RefResh 2020 looks for extended abstracts around the listed topics summarising the work to be presented.
We encourage researchers to also submit abstracts of work that has already been published and/or submit work in progress.
Submissions have to be up to 3 pages (in English) including references, pictures and tables in Springer LNCS format.
Extended abstracts should be submitted as pdf files through EasyChair conference management system here.

The submissions will be evaluated according to their significance, originality, technical content, style, clarity, and relevance to the workshop.
Please give a sufficiently detailed description of your work and your methods so we can adequately assess its relevance.
Please consider that reviewers will be from an interdisciplinary community.
RefResh also supports the Linked Research principles; we applaud authors having care to consider them when preparing their papers.

It is our intention to publish the accepted abstracts on this website and as a Open Access post-print collection on Zenodo.

For any other question, feel free to contact us at

ACRL/NY 2020 Annual Symposium
Civic Engagement: Democracy and the Library

December 4, 2020 
Virtual Symposium


For this year’s ACRL/NY Symposium, we are seeking proposals for presentations, panels, and posters about the intersection of libraries and research institutions with civics, governance, and democracy. How are civic issues impacting collections and services? How do libraries foster engagement with civic issues and the democratic process throughout the community? How do ideas of “library neutrality” affect how we engage with these issues? We welcome proposals from all positions of library staff. 

Potential perspectives include but are not limited to:

  • Diverse voices: participation of diverse groups in decision making and programming
  • Ethical Leadership: explorations of institutional authority and power dynamics, formal and informal practices of good governance and resistance
  • Public Services, Outreach, and Instruction: library programming, creative partnerships in and outside the institution, information literacy
  • Acquisitions/Collection Development: new and interesting collections meant to encourage civic discussion and activism, purchasing issues, resources sharing
  • Technical Services and Access:  authority control and the algorithmic impact of information retrieval, scholarly communications, artificial intelligence

Format: The ACRL/NY 2020 Symposium will be held completely virtually. We are seeking proposals to fill 60 Minute (50-minute presentation; 10 minutes Q&A), 30 Minute (20-minute presentation; 10 minute Q&A), 5-7 minute poster presentation slots. We are open to a mixture of presentation types and formats. 

*We understand that these are difficult times. With this in mind we have extended our proposal deadline. Proposals should be 250-500 words in length. Proposals must be submitted by August 1st ­­­.

Abstracts of presentations can be submitted using this form: 

Questions regarding submitting or about the Symposium, in general, can be sent to


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