ATG News & Announcements 5/27/20

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ARL, CNI, EDUCAUSE Release “Stewarding the Scholarly and Cultural Record,” Fourth Installment of Emerging Technologies Report

According to ARL News “The fourth installment of Mapping the Current Landscape of Research Library Engagement with Emerging Technologies in Research and Learning explores several of the emerging technologies that pose new challenges and offer new solutions to managing digital content throughout its life cycle. The section released today addresses the library’s role in advancing open research and publishing practices, reinforcing integrity and trust in the scholarly and cultural record, and preserving the evolving scholarly and cultural record…”

Jisc Collections and Brill reach Transformative Agreement for UK Libraries

KnowledgeSpeak reports that “Jisc Collections and the international scholarly publisher Brill have reached a Transformative Agreement for 2020, which covers the SHEDL consortium as well as all other eligible UK university libraries…”

IFLA Signs on to ICOLC Statement on Resource Access During COVID-19, Shares Principles for Associations in Negotiations

infoDOCKET reports that “IFLA has signed onto the Statement by the International Coalition of Library Consortia on the global COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on library services and resources.  To further support members, IFLA’s Advisory Committee on Copyright and other Legal Matters has produced principles for use in negotiation with rightholders…”

New From MIT/CSAIL: “Searching Websites the Way You Want”; Introdcing scrAPIr

infoDOCKET also reports that “… CSAIL researchers have created a new tool to help make it easier to access web data from companies’ “application programming interfaces” (APIs). Dubbed ScrAPIr, the tool enables non-programmers to access, query, save and share web data APIs so that they can glean meaningful information from them and organize data the way they want…”

Frankfurter Buchmesse Is a Go: A 2020 Physical-and-Digital Fair

According to Publishing Perspective “following today’s approval by the supervisory board of the Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels—Germany’s publishers and booksellers association—Frankfurter Buchmesse president and CEO Juergen Boos has announced a plan to stage both a physical book fair and “an extensive virtual program…”

LC for Robots: Library of Congress Launching a Series of Jupyter Notebooks

In addition infoDOCKET reports “the Library is beginning a series of Jupyter Notebooks exploring how to computationally access, retrieve, and analyze cartographic materials in the Library of Congress’s online collections. These notebooks include instructions and demonstration Python code that lead you through the process of downloading and analyzing images and metadata in bulk from the Library’s website, specifically geared towards maps. These notebooks are designed to be downloaded to your computer and opened with Jupyter Notebook…”


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