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UKSG webinar: “Preprints are changing the landscape ” |

Date: Wednesday 13 May 2020
Time: 1300 BST (British Summer Time)
Duration: 45-60 minutes including Q&A


  • Judy Luther, Informed Strategies LLC.
  • Jessica Polka, ASAPbio.
  • Stephen Royle, Warwick Medical School.

This webinar consists of three presentations:

Preprints: where are we now? by Jessica Polka

What are preprints, and why are they growing so rapidly in many disciplines? Focusing on the life sciences, I’ll provide an overview of the kinetics of their adoption as well as key policy developments by funders, universities, journals, and infrastructure providers. Drawing on a recent survey of preprint server practices (, I’ll describe of the current landscape of preprint servers and discuss considerations in selecting among them.

An academic’s experience of preprints by Stephen Royle

Preprints are changing the way we do science. They have positively disrupted scientific publishing and shaken up other many aspects of the research enterprise such as research evaluation during hiring and promotion. Stephen will talk about his experiences with bioRxiv, the main preprint server in biology. His research group deposited their first preprint on bioRxiv in Feb 2014 and they now preprint all of their work prior to journal submission.

Preprints – Finding their place in scholarly research by Judy Luther

The rapid adoption of preprints across disciplines has shifted the landscape of scholarly publishing.  Preprints are part of a larger transition to include born digital works emerging from the scholarly workflow, challenging assumptions, altering reference points and raising questions about processes.


General information:

This is a free webinar and open to all – Please note that advance registration is required. If you are interested, but unable to join the live event, please register anyway as a recording will be made available to all who register. If you have particular accessibility needs, please feel free to contact me on

ALCTS webinar: Research Data Management Librarian Academy

Date: Wednesday, May 27, 2020

All webinars are one hour in length and begin at 11 am Pacific, noon Mountain, 1 pm Central, and 2 pm Eastern time.

Description: The webinar will feature the Research Data Management Librarian Academy (RDMLA), which is a free, online research data management (RDM) professional skill development program for librarians, information professionals, researchers, and other professionals who work in a research-intensive environment throughout the world.

RDMLA–the result of a unique and successful partnership between a Library and Information Science (LIS) academic program, academic health sciences and research libraries, and Elsevier–seeks to fill the skill and learning gaps in Research Data Management for information professionals around the world through units that focus on the foundations of RDM.

Learning outcomes: At the end of this webinar, attendees will be familiar with the history and foundations of the Research Data Management Library Academy. Attendees will receive a brief overview of each module and an explanation of the certification exam for continuing education credits. Additionally, attendees will become more familiar with the growing need of RDM trained professionals, and how, through shared experience and knowledge, RDMLA works to address that need by filling skill and learning gaps.

Who should attend?  

The intended audience for the RDMLA webinar includes librarians, information professionals, and other professionals who work in a research-intensive environment.


Jennifer Pamphile is the Research Collaboration Manager for the Collaboration Unit of Elsevier. She has a Masters in Public Health from Northeastern University and a background in social and behavioral neuroscience. She has a significant background in Community Engaged Research as well as translational research. She’s managed Patient Advisory Groups and developed and conducted collaborative trainings and workshops. As a Collaboration Manager with Elsevier, Jennifer is tasked with supporting innovative collaboration such as the RDMLA.

Ashley Thomas is a librarian (archivist and historian), recently graduating from Simmons University. She has been part of the Research Data Management Librarian Academy (RDMLA) for the past year, first assisting in the production and development of the RDMLA course, and now as the RDMLA Librarian. In this role, she is responsible for course content management, serves as the liaison between Canvas and the RDMLA team, and assists with the implementation of new RDMLA units.


Registration Fees:  ALCTS Member $43; Non-member $59; Group rate $129 

Equity in Action: Taking Your Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives to the Next Level Sept 2020

“In this multifaceted online course, you’ll complete work to ensure that your collections, programs, services, and staff culture are diverse, equitable, and inclusive—with personal coaching from experts from libraries and beyond.

Live Interactive Sessions: Tuesdays: September 29, October 6 & 13, from 2-4 PM ET. Plus, self-guided options and additional bonus content offered so you can follow along at your own pace.

Live sessions bridged with online workshops, video lessons, assignments, discussions, and resources designed to help you build your own diversity initiative.

Course Overview

Do you want to ensure that your collections, programs, services, and staff culture are diverse, equitable, and inclusive?

Do you want to become more culturally literate and a more effective advocate for your community and institution?

In this course, you will learn from EDI experts in speaker sessions created specifically for library professionals. You’ll learn about the concrete actions library leaders are taking to make their libraries more equitable today and in the future, and the tools that make it possible. Practical coursework, along with targeted support, will take you from  theory to application, helping you to transform your library services to better meet the needs of all your users—and bring in new ones…

You’ll complete assignments to build your own diversity initiative over 3+ weeks in an interactive online classroom environment with personal coaching from an expert in the field. In addition, you’ll have access to our foundational bonus content—a series of webinars from Library Journal and School Library Journal contributors along with rich supporting materials in the form of readings, activities, and videos—to explore at your own pace…

Who should take this course:

This event is excellent for public librarians, both adult and youth services; academic librarians; and school librarians. The program will be especially relevant to librarians in collection development, collection management, merchandising and displays, programming, outreach, and library marketing. 

Session Themes:

  • Reviewing the Basics: Foundations of Cultural Competency
  • How to Conduct a Diversity Audit
  • Recognizing Stereotypes, Tropes, and Appropriation
  • Assessing Programming for Equity and Inclusiveness
  • Using Local History to Combat Racism
  • Dealing with Microaggressions…”

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