ATG’s Belated Valentine’s Day Quirky

by | Feb 17, 2020 | 0 comments

The Rude, Cruel, and Insulting ‘Vinegar Valentines’ of the Victorian Era post by Natalie Zarrelli in Atlas Obscura outlines a decidedly unromantic Valentine’s Day practice that would give today’s florists and chocolatiers heartburn.

A slithery valentine. Vintage card – 1870

Evidently it was a fairly common practice in Victorian England to send someone whose attentions were unwelcome a “Vinegar Valentine” in hopes they would get the message. Often crass and tasteless, they were commercially bought postcards that were sent anonymously so the receiver had to guess who found them so repulsive. And to make matters worse, in the Victorian Era the recipient had to paid the postage.

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