ATG News You Need to Start the Week 12/2/19

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New Takes on Academic Publishing

In this post, Publishers Weekly highlights “some of New England’s most creative and vibrant publishing programs” focusing on Brandeis University Press, MIT Press and Harvard Business Review Press…

Clash of the Titans: Business Books 2019-2020

Publishers Weekly also reports the release of “forthcoming narratives about businesses new and old that offer a window onto each company’s history as well as the social and economic contexts out of which they arose and which they in turn have influenced…”

See also: Gain Through Pain: Business Books 2019-2020 and For Poorer or Richer: Business Books 2019-2020

Open Access: A New Version of the CORE Discovery Browser Extension is Now Available

According to infoDOCKET “CORE Discovery helps users find freely accessible copies of research papers that might be behind a paywall on the publisher’s website. It is backed by our huge dataset of millions of full text open access papers as well as content from widely used external services…”

National Library of Scotland Releases 2020–2025 Strategy (Draft)

infoDOCKET also reports that “A public consultation has begun to gather comments on the draft National Library of Scotland strategy for 2020-2025. The National Library sets out its aims in a consultation document which outlines how the organisation sees itself looking in 2025…”


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