ATG Article of the Week: 15 Stunning University Libraries Around the World

by | Dec 20, 2019 | 0 comments

Photo: Norm Barker

“From an early-14th-century reading room in the Sorbonne to an ultra-modern library at the University of ChicagoAD surveys the most stunning university libraries around the world

According to Architectural Digest’s Nick Mafi “University libraries are some of the most important buildings in America and throughout the world. It is between their walls that young and ambitious students expand their minds in a multitude of subjects. As such, it makes sense that academic institutions spend a good deal of resources to ensure their libraries inspire their students; at the University of Chicago, for example, school officials commissioned world-renowned architect Helmut Jahn to construct their newest library. And thanks to their exquisite designs, many libraries become the most iconic buildings on campus. From the traditional-style libraries at Queens College at Oxford University to the sleek modern structure at Loyola University in Chicago, AD surveys 15 of the most beautiful college libraries from around the world…”

And as you read on, Mr. Mafi shares his list of “most stunning libraries” along with numerous photos that more than justify his choices.

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