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Erin Gallagher

The closing session of the Charleston Conference for the last 6 years has been a Poll-a-Palooza conducted by Erin Gallagher, Electronic Resources Librarian, George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida. This year is a not only the 7th Poll-a-Palooza, but next year’s conference will be the 40th Charleston Conference, so it is sure to be special! (According to the Urban Dictionary, a Palooza is “an all-out crazy party, partying at one place with a ton of people like there’s no tomorrow”.)

It’s everyone’s favorite way to wrap up a rollicking good time in Charleston! It’s an extra-special year, as the End-of-Conference Poll-a-Palooza returns for the SIXTH time. Do you find yourself brimming with pithy questions, fresh opinions, ardent beliefs, and a renewed spark for libraries at the close of the Charleston conference? Erin Gallagher of Poll-a-Palooza renown once again captivated us with her use of Poll Everywhere to create immediate visualizations of answers to questions significant to libraries and content providers alike. Topics varied based on conference sessions, submissions, and Erin’s various whims. We were entertained, engaged, and well fed, all in the spirit of conference camaraderie and general rabble-rousing and left feeling invigorated, merry, and harmoniously connected to your fellow conference-goers.

Here are the major buzzwords from previous conferences:

  • 2014: data
  • 2015: Open Access
  • 2016: access
  • 2017: AI, discovery
  • 2018: OER

And here are screenshots of Erin’s slides from this year:

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