Last Minute Rumors! Special 2019 Charleston Conference Edition!

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By Katina Strauch

National Information Standards Organization (NISO) has announced the appointment of Alice Meadows as Director of Community Engagement. In this role, Alice will have responsibility for advancing the development of the NISO community, communicating the value of NISO’s projects, events, and other programs, and expanding the resources it has to achieve its mission.  Meadows joins NISO from ORCID, where she served as Director of Communications.

ATG Media is proud to announce the promotion of Caroline Goldsmith to Assistant Charleston Conference Director. Caroline has been working with the Charleston Conference for many years!

ATG Media also announces the appointment of Sharna Williams as Director of Personnel. Superwoman Sharna will also continue as Charleston Conference Registrar.

Like WOW! Stephen Rhind-Tutt has started a new venture – Coherent Digital, LLC, and he thought the Charleston Conference was a good place to announce it formally!   The goal is to “tame wild content” by which they mean giving some order to the vast number of wild items on the web.  They’re going to start with 2 areas that are really wild – policy and Virtual Reality. Stephen will be working with Toby Green (ex-OECD) and a few old Alexander Street folks.  Eileen Lawrence has been helping behind the scenes while she is also helping with charitable initiatives like LA Theatre Works. Stay tuned!

In a new initiative, SSP Fellows and  Charleston Conference Up and Comers are competing for free registration to both the SSP Annual meeting and the Charleston Conference. In the first phase of the exchange, current SSP Fellows were tasked with answering, “How will the needs of emerging professionals/academics change scholarly communications in the future?” Fellow Lynnee Argabright’s essay addressing the influence of emerging professionals and academics expectations of immediate access to scholarly communication has been selected as the exchange’s first winner and will be online very soon! Ramune Kubilius is Lynnee’s mentor for the 2019 Charleston Conference!

The proceedings of the 2018 Charleston Conference have just gone online! Visit: 

Justin Race Director of Purdue University Press will be in attendance! We are looking forward to meeting him! Purdue hosts the proceedings of many of the Charleston Conferences plus the Charleston  Insights series.

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