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The Library’s Role in Supporting Open Educational Resources

As the cost of textbooks and other educational materials are exponentially increasing, many institutions of higher education and PK-12 schools are adopting open educational resources (OER) as alternatives for their students. Libraries are starting to see OER as part of a trickle-down effect. More and more librarians are now being tasked with supporting faculty, students, and other members of their communities with the adoption of OER.

Join us on December 4, 2019 for an Amigos Library Services online conference, The Library’s Role in Supporting Open Educational Resources, where we will explore the roles libraries of all types play in supporting open educational resources.

For more information about this conference, contact Jodie Borgerding, or 800-843-8482 ext. 2897.

LACUNY Institute 2020 Call for Proposals

Ending the Library Stereotype: Non-traditional practices for the 21st-century

May 8, 2020
Bronx Community College, CUNY
Deadline: February 25, 2020

Librarianship and libraries, through the eyes of the public, have consistently been viewed as a house of books and documents where librarians help their patrons with readers’ advisory and directions. Though these elements of being a librarian exist, the stereotype of this is far from accurate. Today in 2020, Librarians perform a myriad of tasks in order to provide fluid functionality to academic, public and special collections libraries. These tasks create a multifaceted librarian where multi-departmental duties fall squarely on the shoulders of one librarian. This year’s LACUNY Institute will illustrate this multifaceted librarian to gain understanding and perspective of the reality of librarianship as we enter a new era of technology and digital scholarship.

The underlying question LACUNY Institute 2020 aims to address is what role do 21st-century librarians and library support staff play in our society? Although perceptions about librarians have changed over time, librarian stereotypes still persist. This is the case even in popular culture. For instance, Barbara Gordon, Batgirl’s alter-ego, is a librarian with a doctoral degree, yet it is often speculated that the character’s role as an information professional is part of the character’s effort to conceal her identity by working in a safe, slow-paced environment.

Librarianship is a multifaceted and creative profession. This year’s conference will highlight the different roles that librarians play in our society as librarians wear different hats. We are mentors, supervisors, activists, instructors, unofficial guidance counselors, gamers, artists, and so forth. In some instances, we may even be the “cool” professor on campus…

NETSL 2020 Annual Conference Proposal Submission

The NETSL Annual Spring Conference will be held Friday, April 17th, 2020 at the College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, MA.

We are seeking proposals for 60-minute breakout sessions and 7-minute lightning talks for our 2020 theme, Under Pressure: Coping with the Realities in Technical Services. Topics might include strategies for handling aggregated job responsibilities, techniques for articulating expectations and consequences, tools for keeping the library running with limited resources, aligning job descriptions with job actualities, methods for navigating through constant change, or advocacy ideas for moving technical services forward as a profession.

Please include ALL presenters on the proposal submission. We request one designated point presenter for conference communications. Point presenters will be notified of submission status by email in late February. Accepted presenters will have 5 business days to approve descriptive language and presenter information. Changes and complimentary registrations cannot be accommodated after that time.

The Innovative Library Classroom (TILC) 2020

Poster Session & Social on Thursday, June 4 and Conference on Friday, June 5, 2020

William & Mary, Williamsburg, VA

We are now accepting proposals for TILC 2020. We are thrilled to share that Derrick Jefferson, Communication Librarian from American University, will be our keynote speaker.

The theme is “Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Are Not Synonyms.” Although the acronym EDI may imply that equity, diversity, and inclusion are one entity, each has value on its own. While equity, diversity, and inclusion inform each other, we need to understand and address each concept individually in order to create meaningful educational experiences that can benefit all of our students. DeEtta Jones summarizes the distinctions with this comparison, “[I]f your organization is a sports stadium, diversity would ask, ‘Who is at the game?’ Inclusion would ask, ‘Are everyone’s seats comfortable?’ Finally, equity would ask, ‘Has anyone been left out of the park? If so, why?’” A fuller perspective can be read at

We hope this theme will help you brainstorm proposals, but don’t let it limit you. Anything about innovative practices related to teaching and learning in libraries is welcome.

Proposals are invited for three different session types:

  • Posters (presented at the Thursday evening social)
  • 50-minute presentations
  • 7-minute lightning talks…

Selection Process

Proposals will be peer reviewed and then selected by the conference organizers to ensure that TILC offers sessions on a range of topics from a diverse set of institutions and presenters. Note that you may be invited to present in a format other than the one you proposed.

Submission deadline: Monday, November 25, 2019
Acceptance notification: Friday, January 10, 2020

We expect registration costs to be about $50.

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