ATG Quirky: The Pirate Who Penned the First English-Language Guacamole Recipe

by | Aug 1, 2019 | 0 comments

While Hollywood may have left a romantic impression of glamour and adventure, more often than not, pirates “lived poorly and ate worse,” often facing starvation and scurvy among other unpleasantries.  But not the British-born buccaneer William Dampier.


William Dampier


Dampier was an avid diarist and food lover who wrote the 17th century bestseller and groundbreaking travelogue A New Voyage Around the World  in which he readily regaled readers with his numerous culinary discoveries. Through his writing, Dampier “played a pioneering role in spreading ingredients and cuisines. He gave us the words “tortilla,” “soy sauce,” and “breadfruit,” while unknowingly recording the first ever recipe for guacamole!”

Of course, to get the full recipe you’ll need to read the article.

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