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KnowledgeSpeak reports that “A group of prominent University of California faculty will step away from the editorial boards of scientific journals published by Elsevier until the publishing giant agrees to restart negotiations. The negotiations, which stalled in February, left the 10-campus system without subscriptions to some of the world’s top scholarly journals. A letter circulating since July 12 throughout the UC system and already signed by 30 faculty from four UC campuses cautions Elsevier that the signatories will suspend their services on editorial boards of the 28 Cell Press journals…”

KnowledgeSpeak also notes that “John Wiley and Sons Inc. and The Virtual Library of Virginia (VIVA), Virginia’s academic library consortium, have signed a comprehensive agreement which combines open access publishing funds with their journal subscriptions – the first of its kind in North America. The two-year pilot utilises the Wiley Open Access Account solution to allow VIVA researchers to publish in fully gold open access journals using a central fund for article publication charges (APCs)…”

infoDOCKET notes in a recent Roundup of library news this recent Charleston Conference webinar featuring Brad Gray / Senior Solutions Engineer / Recorded Books in which he notes how audiobooks are exploding in popularity and that college-age readers are a significant driver of that growth. Mr. Gray goes on to discuss the ways audiobooks can become a part of the curriculum and how they can support difference learning styles.

In addition, Good e-Reader reports that “major publishers have all reported that the second quarter of 2019 that audiobook sales are increasing and ebooks are doing quite well. Audiobooks are not really a surprise, everyone is busy digitizing their front-list and also paying more attention to their backlist. The fact that ebook sales are doing well, is partly attributed to movie tie-ins and customers have got used to paying almost double…”

Good e-Reader also notes that “many companies are abandoning tablets or have severely scaled back in the number of products they release on a yearly basis. Smartphones are increasingly becoming larger and this has resulted in many players losing money. The only two vendors that have saw any type of growth are Amazon and Apple…”

infoDOCKET also reports that a new digital music book collection at the Library of Congress “… includes digital scans of well over 2000 pre-1801 publications about music that are reported in the RISM B VI series with the Library of Congress sigla (US Wc). Much of the groundwork for this project was laid back in the early 1980s when Music Division staff, fully understanding the scope of and scholarly demand for this outstanding collection, made the decision to create preservation microfilms for the collection using RISM B VI as a checklist; the digital scans presented here were, in turn, generated from those preservation microfilms…”







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