ATG Article of the Week: Publishers Prove That Investing in Talent Pays Off

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Publishers Prove That Investing in Talent Pays Off is an article posted on the Folio website tells how “the Atlantic, Time and ActiveInterest Media illustrate that people are a publisher’s most valuable asset.”

“Layoffs are not a new trend in the industry. They’ve become so frequent at both digital and print publishers that the news of new rounds of cuts is almost unsurprising.

But not all publishers are feeling the pressures to cut staff when budgets get tighter and revenue streams become shallow. Some companies are capitalizing on the big return on investment that a strong staff provides, and whether they’re setting aside a specific budget for 100 new staffers or are looking to invest more into the existing in-house talent, these publishers know that people are one of their greatest assets.

“When we announced about a year ago that we were going to hire 100 people, we thought that it would probably take 12 to 15 months to do that,” says The Atlantic president Bob Cohn, and though he now expects that the hiring process will likely extend later into 2019, he still feels that they are on track.

The figure of 100, while pretty, is actually not an arbitrary goal. According to Cohn, while he and his team were plotting their path of expansion, they looked at both their resources and what the estimated cost of talent was going to be and it “got darn near an even 100, so I thought let’s make it an even 100 because it’s a number we can remember.”

Since the plan was announced in February 2018, Cohn says that 60 new roles were created and 80 total hires were made, some of that accounting for normal turnover. At the time of publication, The Atlantic is about 40 hires away from reaching its goal of 100, which would bring its staff from a total of 402 people into the range of 440 to 450 staffers—approximately a 25-percent increase to its staff from when it started…”

In order to read the rest of the article click here or on the link above.)

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