ATG: If Rumors were Horses – 3/29/19

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By Katina Strauch

Just learned that the awesome Sara Rouhi is moving to PLOS. Sara is excited about new beginnings, and she says it’s been an honor and a privilege to work at Altmetric and Digital Science. She sends thanks to Heidi Becker, Bo Alroe, Catherine Williams, Katherine Christian, Ben McLeish and many others for all they taught her! Congrats, Sara and on to the next big thing!

So horribly sad to learn that Susan Nutter was at a Rehabilitation Center in Durham and was found unconscious with attempts to revive her unsuccessful. What a career she had and what a legacy she gives us. This is a nice retrospective of her career that staff did when she hit 30 years –  The videos at the end are heartwarming. Greg Raschke (Senior Vice Provost and Director of Libraries, NC State University Libraries) sends word that they are at work on tributes and Susan’s sister, Deborah wants to have a service of some sort. Meantime, recall fondest memories of Susan and be grateful for the time we had with her..

Jason Colman (U of Michigan Press) can do anything and quickly! Jason helps us with the Charleston Briefings and many other publications! In his spare time, he has a lot of fun traveling! Right now, he is in Argentina and Chile. He isn’t going to the Fiesole Retreat this year but maybe next year! Meanwhile, the awesome, keep up with everything and then some, Leah Hinds will fill us all in since she is on her way to Fiesole first and ACRL two days later! ! Ah, youth!

Talk about energy and all over the place! Gary Price (infoDOCKET) just read the column that included a few words about the UCal/Elsevier situation. He has been compiling and maintaining a growing list of reports, resources and new items as they happen.

Latest update re the NFAIS/NISO merger from the top of awesome Deanna Marcum (Senior Advisor, Ithaka S+R):

“On behalf of the NISO and NFAIS Boards of Directors, we are delighted to share that the NFAIS member organizations affirmed our recommendation to move forward with our merger.  The transition to the combined entity is expected to be completed by June 30, 2019. An Implementation Committee is collaboratively working on transition plans, including crafting the merger agreement documentation and identifying next steps to ensure a smooth transition to the combined organization.  NFAIS and NISO programming already in progress continues, and we look forward to your participation in these events. We are confident our members will find even greater value from our newly combined organization, and we thank you for your continued trust and commitment to our bright future.”

A bit of trivia to brighten our days! I love most all music but mostly classical. (When I exercise, I love listening to it.) Just the other day I was listening to Bach’s Brandenburg concertos and what did I learn? The manuscript (scores) was nearly lost in WWII when it was being transported for safekeeping to Prussia by train in the care of a librarian. The train came under aerial bombardment and the heroic librarian escaped the train to the nearby forest with the scores hidden under his coat!


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