ATG News You Need to Start the Week 1/14/19

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According to Library Technology Guidesthe Private Academic Library Network of Indiana is developing collaborative instances of two open-source institutional repository platforms, Islandora and Hyku, via partnerships with the Washington Research Library Consortium and the Pennsylvania Academic Library Consortium, Inc.. The work will include analyzing and improving the functionality and capacity of the software to support collaboration. To benefit the wider community, all developments from the partnerships will be openly available for adaptation…”

According to infoDOCKET “the Federating Repositories of Accessible Materials for Higher Education” is a two-year project newly funded by a $1,000,000 grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to the University of Virginia which aims to address this problem. Led by University Librarian John Unsworth, this project will reduce duplication of remediation efforts across participating universities, allow the cumulative improvement of accessible texts, and decrease the turnaround time for delivering those texts to students and faculty…”

Citing the Capitol News Service/WTKR, infoDOCKET notes that “Virginians can now explore the history of who has served in the House, which is marking its 400th anniversary as America’s first law-making body. The House Clerk’s Office has launched an online database dubbed DOME (Database of House Members), chronicling the people elected to the House of Delegates or its predecessor, the House of Burgesses, over the past four centuries…”

In addition, infoDOCKET reports the availability of a new report from the Babson Survey Research Group entitled Freeing the Textbook: Educational Resources in U.S. Higher Education, 2018.  The report shows a steady growth in awareness of open educational resources (OER). Responses from over 4,000 faculty and department chairpersons paint a picture of steady improvement, with almost 50% of faculty now reporting OER awareness.

The study also shows multiple factors are in place to support rapid future increases in awareness and use of OER:…”

According to Publishing Perspectives “in one of those quirky coincidences of news coverage, a familiar number has arisen in the top-line reporting from the United States’ Authors Guild about author incomes.

Since 2009, their newly released report says, median incomes for authors from writing have fallen by 42 percent. And when the United Kingdom’s counterpart survey results were announced in June of last year, the Society of Authors reported that the Authors Licensing and Collecting Society had found that median incomes for professional writers since 2005 had dropped the same amount: 42 percent…”

Good e-Reader reports that “audiobooks continue to be the fastest growing segment in digital publishing and everyone is benefiting. Listeners are finding that most of the new books that come out are getting the audio treatment and publishers are redoubling their efforts for their backlist by notable authors. This report is going to look at a few facets of the audiobook industry. What publishers are doing, major retailers doubling down on audiobook promotion and growth and how customers are listening…”





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