New Charleston Briefings Title: Accessibility & Publishing

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ATG Media is pleased to announce the latest title in the Charleston Briefings series: Accessibility & Publishing, by Stephanie S. Rosen. Accessibility is about equitable access to resources for all people, regardless of physical ability. Scholarly publishing is about quality and impact — quality of content and impact of research. Accessibility & Publishing addresses the intersections between scholarly publishing and equitable access for users. This briefing explores how the practices that promote accessibility in publishing can also advance, and potentially transform, publishing itself.

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“Stephanie Rosen’s briefing, Accessibility & Publishing, is an important work,” says Matthew Ismail, Editor in Chief of the Charleston Briefings and Director of Collection Development at Central Michigan University. “Stephanie demonstrates how the publication of print materials has given rise to what we now consider print disability, and she shows how various technologies and initiatives have helped print-disabled people gain access to those publications. The briefing also shows how the electronic publishing process can, in the present, be modified so that publishers produce materials that are born-accessible. This is an interesting and enlightening work that will be very useful for librarians and publishers who wish to make published materials accessible to all.”

We sincerely thank EBSCO for their support of the Accessibility & Publishing title and for furthering open access to information. Offering the Charleston Briefings as open access e-books would not be possible without help from our supporters. “EBSCO is pleased to support and help further open access for Accessibility & Publishing,” said John Brennan, Senior Director of Product Management, EBSCO Information Services. “Making this content available as an open access e-book will bring this content to more readers, and drive a better understanding of the accessibility gaps in the e-book publication lifecycle across members of the e-book industry.”

Accessibility & Publishing is available to read in full at

About the Author: Stephanie S. Rosen is a librarian scholar who brings insights from disability studies-and its intersections with feminist, queer, and critical race studies-into library administration and digital scholarship. She is Associate Librarian and Accessibility Specialist at the University of Michigan Library and holds a PhD in English from University of Texas at Austin.


About the Charleston Briefings: The Charleston Briefings are a series of short books (12,000 to 20,000 words) on the topic of innovation in the world of libraries and scholarly communication published by ATG Media. The default format for the Briefings is an open access, online e-book hosted by Michigan Publishing. The series offers timely, readable, and focused treatments of topics of significance to practitioners in these fields. The purpose of the series is to offer the reader a useful overview that will allow them to engage more effectively with new trends and innovations in their industry.

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