ATG Newsflash: PageMajik and HistoryMakers are the Charleston Premiers Top Vote-Getters!

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Each year at the Charleston Conference, attendees look forward to the Charleston Premiers. This popular session offers publishers and vendors the chance to showcase their newest and most innovative products, platforms, and/or content. Organized in a “lightning round” format, the Charleston Premiers focus on new companies, content, or technologies that are not widely known by the general library population and that will be of interest to the Charleston Conference audience.

The 2018 Charleston Premiers of new and noteworthy products featured a total of eight presenters showcasing their new and innovative products. Following these “lightning round” presentations, the audience voted to select the two best products; the winners were PageMajik and HistoryMakers.

“The Charleston Conference was pleased, once again, to host the 2018 Charleston Premiers. We feel that this afternoon plenary session is a fantastic way for the community to learn about the latest and most noteworthy products and companies in the industry,” said Leah Hinds, Executive Director of the Charleston Conference. “The audience voting adds a touch of Hollywood awards show-style fun to the mix, as well as contributing to attendee engagement. We’d like to congratulate the HistoryMakers and Pagemajik for winning, as well as say thank you to all of our 2018 participants and presenters.”


“PageMajik is a workflow solution which uses machine learning to automate repetitive, time-consuming, expensive aspects of the publishing process allowing libraries and new university presses to free up 40% of the time spent on manual editorial and production tasks, focus on higher level work, while also providing automatic meta-data tagging and analysis to offer vastly improved discovery.  This product and PageMajik, the division of UI Technology Solutions, was developed out of our 40 years of experience working with publishers and libraries to understand the challenges that come with reduced budgets, small staffs, and vast amounts of information to sift through via open access.” Jon White, Global VP, Sales & Marketing

“The Charleston Premiers gave us a chance to really showcase The HistoryMakers Digital Archive in front of a large audience. We often notice that once people are able to see the tool and understand its functionality, they immediately realize its broad applications in the classroom and in research. The chance to receive instant feedback on the tool, and on our presentation of its features, through the Audience Choice awards really drove home for us the value of both the premiers and the Charleston Conference as a whole. We will definitely be coming back and participating in the premiers to introduce new features and tools in the future.” Dionti Davis, Special Assistant to the President


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