ATG Article of the Week: Reflecting on 2018, and (Tentatively) Projecting the Future

by | Dec 31, 2018 | 0 comments

Reflecting on 2018, and (Tentatively) Projecting the Future is an article posted on the Insider Higher Ed website that recaps the year in digital learning. It reports on a new online institution, a transforming textbook market, shifting landscapes for MOOCs and alternative credentials, increasing interest in mobile, and more.


“Just like that, another year is almost over. If it’s been as much of a whirlwind for you as it has for us, you’re likely struggling to make sense of all that changed on the digital learning landscape this year.

Our second annual year-end recap is here to help. We gathered some of the most thoughtful observers of the field to ask these three questions:

  • What digital learning development from the past 12 months (either a specific piece of news or a trend) will we still be talking about five years from now?
  • Why is this development likely to stick around as a topic of conversation and a driver of innovation?
  • How will the conversation evolve in the coming years?

Here’s what they said…”

Click here or on the link above to continue reading the article.

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