ATG Database Reviews: St. James Encyclopedia of Hip Hop Culture

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Reviewed by: Audrey Powers, Associate Librarian, University of South Florida

St. James Encyclopedia of Hip Hop Culture

Name of the Vendor: Gale, a Cengage Company


Purchase Model: One-Time Purchase

Cost (Print): $299.00

Cost/FTE: Pricing starts at $328.90 for unlimited, simultaneous, DRM free use, but pricing varies based on institution type and size.

Type of Database: Original Content, All Full Text

Audience: Secondary (7-12), Undergraduate, Graduate, General Public

Library Type: Academic, Public, School

What is included? Images, Audio, Video, Reference Sources, Books

Comments: This recently published encyclopedia covers the history and contributions of the hip hop culture globally, its impact on other art forms, and the effect it has had on life in America.

Pros: Standard searching functionality is incorporated into the GVRL platform.  The ability to browse or search individual titles as well as cross search your entire GVRL collection is available. A number of advantages to searching this title and other eBook titles on the article level include searching hyperlinked index terms to view other relevant articles, a default or html view, no restrictions to download or electronically send content via Google Drive or OneDrive, a text to speech option, and the text of an article is available in the “print” view.  A searcher can limit by reading level, images and videos and sort by relevance, document title, publication date, publication title, and content level.  The system allows you to bookmark articles, highlight text, take notes, bulk save articles in a folder and email all the articles at once. A searcher can click on the Advanced Search which takes you to the standard search interface using Boolean searching and limiting, but also a searcher can go to a subject guide and the topic finder which is a visual representation of the words and subjects most commonly found in your search results.  Visual customizable includes viewing the results by wheel or tiles and when the searcher clicks on a term the results are hyperlinked and displayed.  When a url to an article is bookmarked, the system does not make the searcher log in again.  One of the most interesting system features allows a searcher to create a custom collection of GVRL eBooks, obtain a stable url to the collection, and add it to a LibGuide or a course management system.

Cons: At the end of articles, permalinks to individual references in bibliographies cannot be created and linked to other titles in your library collection.  Videos have recently been added; therefore, currently there are not a lot of videos to search.

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