ATG News & Announcements 8/30/18

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According to this press release “Bloomsbury Digital Resources is pleased to announce a significant enhancement to the way libraries can acquire titles from Bloomsbury Collections. Effective immediately, all titles are now available to be purchased individually, on a title by title basis, by institutions globally. This new purchase model allows our customers increased flexibility to gain access to Bloomsbury’s scholarship and emphasizes our commitment to customers and the global market demand to acquire titles on an individual basis…”

Under A.B. 2192—which passed both houses unanimously—all peer-reviewed, scientific research funded by the state of California would be made available to the public no later than one year after publication…”

infoDOCKET also reports that Stanford University has implemented “a pilot project in the Music Library to digitize sheet music and make images available in the SearchWorks catalog has produced its first collection, made up of 140 piano arrangements and transcriptions. Basic records for these items have long been in SearchWorks, and are now greatly enhanced with access to the digital images and options for close examination and download…”

“The Harvard Library Office for Scholarly Communication worked together with Atmire on a major upgrade to Digital Access to Scholarship at Harvard (DASH).

Pioneering in the field of Open Access, Harvard originally launched the Digital Access to Scholarship at Harvard (DASH) repository on September 1st 2009. Over the years, Harvard added dozens of customizations, including workflow tools, DASH Stories, and MyDASH statistics, to meet the needs of its staff, authors, and readers.

Driven by its vision for a more useful open-access repository, the OSC team committed to upgrade DASH, and turned to Atmire to implement the major new iteration of DASH…”

According to Library Technology Guides “Innovative Interfaces has launched MyLibrar! Release 3.1, which now includes full app functionality for Polaris library partners in addition to Sierra library partners…”

According to Information Today “… Ann Kjellberg, a longtime former contributing editor at the New York Review of Books, has launched Book Post, a subscription-based book review.” Sent out twice a week via email, the newsletter features a book review and what Kjellberg calls “occasional writerly reflections and digests of the current book scene, the latter available for free to non-paying subscribers and visitors on the web…”









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