v30 #3 June 2018 Full Issue

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Library Space in the Digital Age

Guest Editor: Bobby Hollandsworth, Clemson University

“What is the purpose of the academic library in terms of physical space in 2018?  That should be an easy question to answer, but there’s been a paradox brewing in academic libraries for years.  It seems the more online journals, books, and services we provide in an effort to make it easier to access our collections and minimize or eliminate the need to visit the library, the more students, faculty, and staff flock to our physical building.  This is a good problem to have, yet a curious one.  I have multiple theories on why this is happening ranging from the influence of bookstores and coffee to the physical isolation and disconnection of the digital world.  I promise not to delve into these theories at this time, but if you’d like to discuss them I’m game.” Read more by browsing the full issue below.

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