ATG News You Need to Start the Week 7/23/18

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According to ARL News “the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) has published the ARL Annual Salary Survey 2016–2017, which analyzes salary data for professional staff working in the 124 ARL member libraries during 2016–2017. Data are reported for 10,245 professional staff in the 114 university ARL libraries and for 5,337 professional staff in the 10 nonuniversity ARL libraries. In the Salary Survey, data for university library staff are usually reported in three distinct groups: general library systems, health sciences libraries, and law libraries…”

ARL News also reports that “the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) has published the ARL Statistics 2015–2016ARL Academic Law Library Statistics 2015–2016, and ARL Academic Health Sciences Library Statistics 2015–2016. These three publications present information describing the collections, staffing, expenditures, and service activities of the Association’s 124 member libraries in fiscal year 2015–2016. Of these 124 members, 114 are university libraries (15 in Canada and 99 in the US); the remaining 10 are public, governmental, and nonprofit research libraries (1 in Canada, 9 in the US). The law and health sciences publications focus on the 72 law libraries and 58 medical libraries among the Association’s membership that completed the law and health sciences surveys.

Citing  U. of Buffalo, infoDOCKET reports “the Graduate School of Education has joined the SUNY-wide effort to reduce the costs of higher education by launching an Open Education Research Lab dedicated to replacing high-priced textbooks and other costly materials by studying the use of open or free educational materials that can be downloaded, edited or shared.

The UB effort aligns the university with a statewide effort to enhance and extend the use of these open educational resources. The New York State budget has allocated $16 million for these resources in the last two years…”

infoDOCKET also reports that “The Association of American Publishers (AAP) issued its 2018 StatShot Annual Report today which found, among other things, that the U.S. book publishing industry generated an estimated $26.23 billion in net revenue for 2017, representing 2.72 billion units. All figures represent publishers’ net revenue from tracked categories (trade, higher education course materials, preK-12 instructional materials, professional books, and university press), in all formats, from all distribution channels. These are not retailer/consumer sales figures.

KnowledgeSpeak reports that “the American Psychological Association has made it easier for researchers and students to access its journals using their institutional subscriptions even when they are not on campus. This new functionality is the result of a partnership with Google Scholar’s Campus Activated Subscriber Access (CASA) initiative, ensuring users a seamless experience for accessing APA’s scholarly content anytime, anywhere…”

KnowledgeSpeak also reports that “Drawing on years of experience, senior leaders from Portico share their perspective on the digital preservation landscape in an article for UKSG Insights. noting that “there are great benefits to having content available in digital form, digital objects can be extremely short-lived unless proper attention is paid to preservation…”



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