ATG the Podcast: Up & Comer Award Recipients Part 6

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ATG Media is pleased to recognize the first ever recipients for the Up and Comers Award with a series of interviews on the ATG Podcast. Who exactly is an “Up and Comer,” you ask?  They are librarians, library staff, vendors, publishers, MLIS students, instructors, consultants, and researchers who are new to their field or are in the early years of the profession.  Up and Comers are passionate about the future of libraries.  They innovate, inspire, collaborate, and take risks.  They are future library leaders and change makers, and we are excited to celebrate them with this award. There were 20 recipients of the award for 2017 that were announced just prior to the 2017 Charleston Conference. A link to the press release is available below.

This week, Leah Hinds welcomes Tom Gilson, Associate Editor for Against the Grain, as co-host. The interviewees are Katrina Spencer, Literatures & Cultures Librarian at Middlebury College, Ethan Cutler, Digital Strategist at Western Michigan University, and Inga Haugen, Agriculture Life Sciences and Scholarly Communication Librarian, Virginia Tech.

This will be the final installment of interviews in the Up & Comer award series. We hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know these rising stars in the library and information industry as much as we have!



Up & Comer Award Winner Press Release

Up & Comer Profiles from v 29 #6, the Dec 2017/Jan 2018 issue of Against the Grain:

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