Rumors 3-5-18 Growing up in a Library

by | Mar 7, 2018 | 0 comments

The ATG Quirky for March 2 is about growing up in a library from a great post on NPR’s StoryCorpsHow Living In A Library Gave One Man ‘The Thirst Of Learning’. It tells the story of Ronald Clark whose father, Raymond, was the New York Public Library custodian.  Raymond and his family lived “on the top floor of the Washington Heights Branch in upper Manhattan” beginning in 1949, when Ronald was 15 years old.  Following the family tradition, Ronald raised his daughter, Jamilah, in the same apartment until she was 5. To this day, Ronald believes that living In a library gave him “the thirst of learning — and this just never left me.”

My son, Raymond Walser, also grew up in the College of Charleston Library! And he is a great bibliophile! There is not a book that you can name that Raymond doesn’t know the author or the plot. He was in the Army and now works for the Army Corps of Engineers so he moves a lot but he is always moving his book collections!  Libraries have always been great learning places!

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