ATG Quirkies: Spending the Night in a Library or Bookstore is Now a “Thing”

by | Mar 19, 2018 | 0 comments

Melissa Cross/Courtesy of the Gladstone Library

Evidently, spending the night in a library or bookstore is now a “thing”.

Travel & Leisure is encouraging readers to “grab your passport, coziest pair of slippers, and your reading glasses: you can now live your wildest fairytale fantasies and spend the night in… the “finest” residential library in the United Kingdom,” the Gladstone Library

Well not exactly in the library. “It is the hotel within the library that makes this gem truly unique. Starting at £66 (approximately $91), the library has 26 self-proclaimed “quirky” bedrooms, complete with book-themed wallpaper, laundry, and a complementary continental breakfast (kippers are extra). The rooms don’t come with TVs, but you won’t even notice since you’ll have thousands of books at your disposal.”

Book your room now! (No pun intended.)

(Thanks, as always, to John Riley of Gabriel Books for providing ATG Quirkies)

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