Hooray! Clarivate Analytics will  re-establish the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI) and Samantha Burridge will lead the project along with Jonathan Adams. ISI was established back in 1960 and Science Citation Index was published in 1964. I was in college back then. When I began my career as a medical librarian many  years later, SCI was the go-to place to solve ILL questions. Hardbound, on skimpy onion-skin type paper it was the brainchild of Eugene Garfield. SCI expanded into Social Science Citation Index and Arts and Humanities Citation index as well as Journal Citation Reports — all to become the Web of Science which went online (thank heavens) and was purchased by the Thomson Corporation in 1992. 

Annette Thomas (Clarivate’s Scientific and Academic Research Group’s CEO will be the keynoter at Charleston 2018  You might remember that Annette was our keynote speaker at the 2012 Charleston Conference when she was CEO of MacMillan. Here is a link to the Penthouse Interview with Annette Thomas done in 2012 in Charleston. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oXe-iF-t4i0

Annette Thomas is a real innovator! Quoted from an article in The Bookseller, she says:  “The newly energised ISI will be a place where we house our expertise, experience and deep thinking that drives our editorial rigour, our policy and partnerships, rankings and analytics. From the institute we will work with and for the research community — researchers, publishers, governments, industry bodies, libraries and funders will all be welcome. The institute will be both the heart and soul of our group and the brains behind our most complex thinking to solve the problems of our community.” The re-established ISI is intended to focus on the development of existing and new bibliometric and analytical approaches and foster collaborations with partners and customers across the academic community.  “For 50 years the Institute for Scientific Information was the key source of research and product development in the world of scientometric,” says Thomas. “It was the founding company of all that is Clarivate Analytics and the heart of what is now the Scientific and Academic Research Group”. http://www.bookbusinessmag.com/aggregatedcontent/clarivate-to-re-establish-institute-for-scientific-information/

 Annette was recently the keynote speaker at founder and organizer Arnoud de Kemp‘s APE Conference (Academic Publishing in Europe) held in Berlin in January of 2018. Anthony Watkinson attended APE  and is compiling a report for Against the Grain.

OH! And the theme or the 2018 Charleston Conference is from Percy Bysshe Shellys’ poem “Oh Wind, if winter comes, can spring be far behind?”




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