No MLS? No Problem!

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Ashley Fast Bailey, Claire Eichman, Denise Novak

(L-R) Ashley Fast Bailey, Claire Eichman, Denise Novak

Although the vast majority of library staff members have an MLS degree, there are situations where it is advantageous to have subject specialists with PhD degrees working in the library in various operations roles. (Subject specialists have long worked in libraries, especially corporate libraries, in reference-related roles. In fact, that was how I started in the information profession over 40 years ago.)

Denise Novak, Acquisitions Librarian, Carnegie Mellon University; Claire Eichman, Collection Development Manager; and Ashley Fast Bailey, Director, Collection Development and Workflow Solutions, both of GOBI Library Solutions discussed some of the acquisitions essentials for PhD subject specialists. Here is the traditional selector model contrasted with one for PhD specialists.

Selector Models

GOBI was used as a tool for training the PhD specialists in the Carnegie Mellon University library.

Denise conducted a 3 hour workshop on reports and accounting, journals, license agreements, the gift policy, book selection (electronic and print), approval plans and standing orders, the YBP approval plan, and the GOBI database.

Workshop Preparation

Claire and Ashley provided ongoing consultation and follow up to the subject specialists. The program has been successful, although most of the participants felt that three hours was not enough time for in-depth training on the range of subjects covered; in particular, they wanted more time for hands-on training. An advanced training session will be held in a few months.



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