Charleston Conference Spotlight: Future of the Academic Book Preconference

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The Future of the Academic Book: Strengthening the Research Ecosystem

Monday, November 6, 1:00 – 4:00 pm

Cost: $150. Registration is available as part of the main Charleston Conference registration page. If you’ve already registered for the conference but wish to add this preconference, or any other, please email our Conference Registrar, Sharna Williams, at

Session Description: It’s a truly fascinating time to be working in academia. Changes in the scholarly information chain are coming hard and fast, often prompted and necessitated by external drivers such as the funding bodies’ open access mandates, squeezed library budgets and reduced print sales, and the importance of demonstrating impact of research.

Publishers have responded by launching new book formats, such as short-form, and new ways of measuring book usage. New players have entered the fray with innovative business models and ways of working. Authors face challenges of their own: demonstrating and achieving true impact with research; how to truly achieve the elusive goal of interdisciplinarity; how to safeguard academic freedom; and how to satisfy the demands of regulatory requirements. Librarians are struggling to absorb it all, adapt their systems, communicate to their users, and re-imagine their place in the scholarly community.

This session will bring together diverse stakeholders in the research ecosystem for scholarly books—including a commercial publisher, university press, open access program, faculty author and academic librarian—creating a forum for lively discussion and sharing of ideas, knowledge and perspectives on collaboration, transparency, business models, skills, technology, siloes, sustainability and neglected fields in the book market. We will follow a loosely structured format emphasizing the informal exchange of ideas between participants, including breakout groups to be run concurrently around key themes of interdisciplinarity, impact and innovation.

See the conference schedule for a full list of speakers and more information.

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