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Professional Growth and Development Opportunities

  • Acquisitions Institute Timberline Lodge
  • Harvard Institutes:
  • JSTOR:
  • ACRL / Choice Webinars

Dates: Saturday, May 19  through Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Location: Timberline Lodge. One hour east of Portland, Oregon on the slope of Mt. Hood

Call for Proposals

WHAT IS The Acquisitions Institute?

  • Since 2000, the pre-eminent conference located in Western North America on acquisitions and collection development held at Timberline Lodge.
  • A three-day conference focusing on the methods and innovation of building and managing library collections to be held May 19-22, 2018.
  • A small (no more than 85 attendees), informal and stimulating gathering in a convivial and glorious Pacific Northwest setting.

WHAT TOPICS are we looking for?

The planning committee is open to presentations on all aspects of library acquisitions and collection management. Presenters are encouraged to engage the audience in discussion. Panel discussions are well received.  We may wish to bring individual proposals together to form panels.

Topics we and/or last year’s attendees think would be great include:

  • Diversity, inclusion and social justice in acquisitions and collections (e.g., hiring practices, developing / promoting staff from within, how we as libraries can influence what gets published in terms of diversity, etc.)
  • Evaluating your existing collections for diversity
  • Staffing, training and development, and recruiting issues, challenges, successes (e.g., onboarding new acquisitions and/or collections staff)
  • Negotiation skills and how to use them
  • Ethics in acquisitions…”

Library Leadership Programs at the Harvard Institutes for Higher Education (HIHE)

Our library leadership programs offer a unique opportunity for librarians to learn with and from Harvard faculty, leading library professionals, and policymakers representing a broad range of academic and public libraries.

Explore the changes occurring in the field of knowledge management, consider the implications for libraries and library leadership, and reimagine your work in the context of a changing information landscape. This program is open to library leaders in both higher education and K–12 academic libraries and public libraries.

The program focuses on three areas of leadership — planning, organizational strategy and change, and transformational learning — with an overarching goal of increasing your leadership and management capacity. This program is open all college and university librarians.

In 2013, JSTOR launched a new thesaurus tailored to the content in the digital library. Since that time, the thesaurus terms have been integrated in several ways to aid in discovery on the platform. We invite you to join Sharon Garewal, Senior Metadata Librarian, for a 30-minute free webinar on JSTOR’s subject thesaurus and how we’re using it to improve the platform experience for researchers. Sharon will cover the development and maintenance of the thesaurus, and will explain how we are continuing to refine and expand the taxonomy.

Two options for the live session: Tuesday, Oct. 3, 2017 at 2:00-2:30 PM EDT or Thursday, Oct. 12 at 10:00-10:30 AM EDT

Sharon Garewal, Senior Metadata Librarian, Taxonomy Manager

Registration link:

Date: Tuesday, September 26 at 2:00pm ET | Sponsored and presented by Springer Nature & ACRL-Choice Webinars


Explore the past, present and future of Springer Nature’s Major Reference Works portfolio viewed through the lens of the legendary The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics during this one-hour webinar. For over 120 years, The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics has been an unrivaled resource for academic libraries by bringing together the world’s most influential economists (including 36 Nobel Laureates), offering concise overviews of their areas of expertise. Learn how this publication has remained relevant throughout the years, continues to adapt to the changing landscape of publishing, and how ongoing editorial, platform and access decisions will impact the future of reference works. This webinar is a must attend for academic librarians that support business, finance and economics programs, and anyone interested in learning about the latest in digital MRW publishing, technology, and workflows.


  • Michael Hermann: Senior Editor, Major Reference Works, Springer Nature
  • David Bull:  Vice President of Business, Economics, Finance and Political Science Publishing, Springer Nature
  • Ruth Lefevre: Senior Editorial Coordinator, Reference, Springer Nature
  • Wouter van der Velde: Senior eProduct Manager, eBooks, Springer Nature

Date: Thursday, September 28 at 2:00pm ET | Sponsored and presented by Alexander Street & ACRL-Choice Webinars

With the growth of open access, a schism between open and paid resources has arisen in academic publishing. This division is counter-productive to finding and accessing the most relevant resources for research. To close the gap, publishers, libraries and archives are working together to explore new methods of integrating open access and for-fee content that will enable scholars and students to have a comprehensive view of their disciplines. This webinar will explore two case studies of open access initiatives, Anthropology Commons and the Open Music Library, that are taking innovative approaches to publishing content that will offer integrated research and discovery experiences.


André Avorio – the creator and director of the Open Music Library initiative at Alexander Street. He is a digital innovator specializing in online collaboration and open platforms, working in the intersection of business strategy, digital technologies and user experience. André is a graduate of the University of Oxford’s Internet Institute. He has led digital transformation and product development projects in Brazil, the US and the UK. Learn more about him at

Jenna Makowski – a senior editor at Alexander Street. She is responsible for licensing, curating, managing and developing the Anthropology collections, a multimedia portfolio designed to help scholars discover and use content relevant to their research. She specializes in archival digitization and publication initiatives. Jenna is a graduate of the Folklore and Ethnomusicology Institute at Indiana University. Learn more about her at

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