ATG Article of the Week: Rethinking Liaison Programs for the Humanities

by | Aug 5, 2017 | 0 comments

Rethinking Liaison Programs for the Humanities is an issue brief recently published by Ithaka S+R and authored by Danielle Cooper and Roger C. Schonfeld in which they “argue that as libraries revamp their liaison programs, they need to keep in mind the evolving research practices and needs of key stakeholders. Looking through three major research projects that Ithaka S+R has spearheaded in the humanities, we find clear patterns of the support faculty need as they pursue their research, and we see an important role for liaisons. While the evidence from our research does not suggest a single model that will be right for every library, it allows us to suggest several directions that merit consideration.

To date, there have been productive conversations about how to reskill liaisons and help them adapt to new roles, but we hope that today’s paper can help library leaders think about structural and organizational issues that are at the heart of scholars’ needs…”

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