ATG Article of the Week: A Library Publishing Hub at University of Michigan: Interview with Jason Colman

by | Jun 15, 2017 | 0 comments

This interview in Scholastica with Jason Colman of Michigan Publishing Services offers expert insights into the evolving role of university libraries in the world of scholarship as a growing number of libraries become research producers as well as the preservers and providers of academic research.

“In recent years, many have initiated open access (OA) scholarly journal publishing programs that offer a variety of services aimed at either launching and running new journals or supporting existing titles. One leading example of a successful library publishing program is Michigan Publishing out of University of Michigan Library. Jason Colman, Director of Michigan Publishing Services, helped build the program, which he has been running for the past five years. Colman said Michigan Publishing’s mission is to support UMichigan journals, foster new scholarly publications, and encourage experimentation in academic publishing. In the interview below he shares his experience with the program and how it works…”

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