ATG Article of the Week: 5 Ways Mobile Is Transforming Digital Learning

by | Jun 2, 2017 | 0 comments

In this insightful blog on DBW, Christian Smythe tells us 5 ways mobile is transforming digital learning. He first observes that if you “take a look around at any given point throughout the day, … chances are you’ll see a fair amount of people in your vicinity with their eyes glued to mobile screens. What is it they are consuming? Perhaps the latest text or breaking news headline has captured their attention. However, research by Towards Maturity suggests that 67 percent of people access some form of learning resource via their smartphones. Could it be that those around you are reading, watching videos or brushing up on career-related skills?

The mobile learning industry is projected to grow to $38 billion in the next few years, as I mentioned in my previous blog post outlining the ways publishers can increase their mobile advantage. Individuals are reading and learning more on their phones and tablets now than ever before – giving rise to a true transformation of the digital learning landscape. And as we prepare to welcome the younger, more tech-dependent generation – Generation Z – into the workforce, we can only expect the mobile learning trend to strengthen.

With mobile learning transforming digital learning altogether, it is imperative that publishers realize the place for mobile content in the learning industry – more specifically, content geared toward busy professionals. This audience references their trusted resources daily to refresh current skills, dive into emerging industry trends and ultimately prepare for their futures. Mobile content from respected publishers is in high demand, especially among remote employees who don’t have access to office libraries or in-house content databases.

To gain a better understanding of the mobile learning industry’s potential influence on publishing, I’ve rounded up five ways mobile is already redefining learning as we know it…”

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