ATG Book of the Week: Visual Literacy for Libraries: A Practical, Standards-Based Guide

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Title: Visual Literacy for Libraries: A Practical, Standards-Based Guide
Nicole E. Brown, Kaila Bussert, Denise Hattwig, and Ann Medaille
Softcover:  ISBN: 978-0-8389-1381-9, $70
Imprint: Chicago, ALA Editions, 2016

“The importance of images and visual media in today’s culture is changing what it means to be literate in the 21st century. Digital technologies have made it possible for almost anyone to create and share visual media. Yet the pervasiveness of images and visual media does not necessarily mean that individuals are able to critically view, use, and produce visual content. The ACRL Visual Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education were developed to address these distinct characteristics of images and visual media. Based on those standards, this book provides librarians and instructors with the tools, strategies, and confidence to apply visual literacy in a library context. Readers will not only learn about ways to develop students’ visual literacy, but also how to use visual materials to make their instruction more engaging. Ideal for the busy librarian who needs ideas, activities, and teaching strategies that are ready to implement, this book

  • shows how to challenge students to delve into finding images, using images in the research process, interpreting and analyzing images, creating visual communications, and using visual content ethically;
  • provides ready-to-go learning activities for engaging critically with visual materials;
  • offers tools and techniques for increasing one’s own visual literacy confidence; and
  • gives strategies for integrating, engaging with and advocating for visual literacy in libraries.

With this book’s guidance, academic professionals can help students master visual literacy, a key competency in today’s media-saturated world, while also enlivening instruction with visual materials.”



”Intimidated by the phrase, ‘visual literacy?’ You no longer have a reason to be … Required reading for any library professional, from students to seasoned librarians, who participate in teaching activities. A must-have for all academic libraries.”
— Library Journal


“The foundational questions at the beginning of each chapter serve to frame the concepts, while the close of each chapter provides hands-on activities for those wishing to take their teaching practice deeper … This is the first manual to provide hands-on application of the Visual Literacy Standards for libraries and librarians and as such, is highly recommended for library purchase.”
— Art Libraries Society of North America

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