Working in Partnership to Support Quality Research

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Jayne Marks

Jayne Marks

Jayne Marks, VP Publishing, Wolters Kluwer, said that although publishers have a large image issue, everything they do is for their customers, and they have the same community of interest as libraries.

Delivering Quality Research

Authors are the people that publishers most need to support. Training is one area where publishers can make a good contribution. Here are areas where publishers can support authors:

Helping Authors

The goal is to train better authors which will result in higher quality research.

Navigating the Maze

Another area is to offer to help authors navigate the maze of journals, and understand their options and the benefits of each alternative. The approach for young authors is different than experienced ones who have been publishing for many years. It is especially important to be able to distinguish authentic journals from predatory journals that masquerade as legitimate ones. The Coalition for Responsible Publication Resources (CRPR) is a good site to consult.

Peer review continues to be the backbone of high quality research, and we need to continue to provide tools and processes. Here are the players in the process.

Peer Review Players

Peer Review Players

Archiving is an important role for both librarians and publishers.


It is not the publisher’s role to preserve the data; that could be a role for libraries or authors.

Dissemination to the widest possible audience

Trying to find the right content today is incredibly difficult.


These areas will continue to evolve and are something that libraries and publishers need to work on together.

Publishers and vendors assure the value of discovery services. We need to make sure that the solutions are workable, usable, and transparent. How do we make sure that together we work to make it easy to get to content? Workflow tools are important.

Scopus and altmetrics are useful in measuring the quality of content. We are still learning how to navigate all the metrics are available to us.

Marketing is focused on getting the content to the right people; it is a key function of publishers. It is no longer about putting something on paper and mailing it to people. Here are some important marketing methods in today’s environment.


Conclusions: We can and we do work together to support research.

Working together

We are in a complex environment. A useful new book for librarians that discusses the services and products of academic publishers Open Book: A Librarian’s Guide to Academic Publishing, edited by James Wiser and Rolf Janke was recently published. (Marks wrote one of its chapters.)


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