Industry Issues and Trends Update: Saturday Morning with Rick, Maria, and Gary

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(L-R) Gary Price, Rick Anderson, Maria Bonn

(L-R) Gary Price, Rick Anderson, Maria Bonn

Gary Price, Founder/Editor, InfoDOCKET, reviewed a collection of websites and new open web resources. Rick Anderson, Associate Dean for Collections & Scholarly Communication, University of Utah; and Maria Bonn, Lecturer, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, commented on the resources.

Here is a list of the sites Gary mentioned; many more are listed on the page that he showed.

  • Bielefeld Academic Search Engine (BASE)
  • OADOI: “Leap over tall paywalls in a single bound”
  • C-SPAN Video Library (all videos ever aired on C-SPAN)
  • (podcast search engine)
  • Pop Up Archive (create transcripts of speech)
  • Webrecorder (archiving recordings of websites)
  • Time Travel (find mementos in the Internet Archive and other archives)
  • Photomath (point camera on smartphone and get the answers to algebra problems, including handwriting recognition)
  • CamFind (point camera on smartphone to determine what the objects and run it as a search)
  • BrowserSpy (show types of information that your browser is sending when you request a web page)
  • Ghostserv, uBlockOrigin, Privacy Badger (block trackers online)
  • Google privacy dashboard (set privacy options)
  • Geolocation by IP address (show locations of IP addresses)
  • Cameras in the library (what to do with cameras in the library)
  • Piwik (open source analytics) vs. Google Analytics

(For a similar list that Gary presented at the recent Internet Librarian 2016 conference, see my blog posting there.)


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