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27500 Drake Road, Farmington Hills, MI  48331
Phone:  (800) 877-4253  •  Fax:  (877) 363-4253  •  www.gale.com

affiliated companies:  Cengage Learning

officers:  Paul Gazzolo, Senior Vice President and General Manager;  Liz Mason, Vice President of U.S. Product;  Jason Swafford, Vice President of Software Development;  Jon Peach, Vice President of Finance;  Terry Robinson, Senior Vice President and Managing Director for International;  Brian McDonough, Senior Vice President, North American Sales;  Harmony Faust, Vice President of Marketing, North America;  Doug Blume, Executive Director, Human Resources.

association memberships, etc.:  The American Library Association.  Gale is a member of Portico, and nearly all digital archives are preserved as part of Portico’s D-Collection Service.  Portico will make this content available to Gale’s customers under specifically defined circumstances called “trigger events.”

Key products and services:  Gale offers resources for library users at all ages — whether a pre-K learner, an adult looking to go back to high school to earn an accredited diploma, or a retired learner.

Focusing specifically on the academic market, Gale offers a robust array of resources — from the recently announced Gale Researcher, a new platform that connects students who may not be comfortable doing college-level research with citable scholarly content that is aligned to introductory college courses, to the millions of pages of digital archives available through the Gale Primary Sources program.  Some of our most well-known archives include Eighteenth Century Collections Online (ECCO) and Nineteenth Century Collections Online (NCCO).  Through partnerships with leading institustions around the world, such as the Smithsonian and the National Geographic Society, we offer digitized primary sources of some of the world’s most treasured content.  The newly launched Archives of Sexuality and Gender and Gale’s Early Arabic Printed Books resources also demonstrate the diversity in content Gale offers.

Readers can learn more at www.gale.com/academic.

Core markets/clientele:  Gale serves users at all types of libraries — school, public and academic, in the U.S. and globally.

number of employees:  Approximately 500 globally

number of books published annually (print, electronic, open access, etc.):  We publish approximately 300 titles annually (all of which are available as eBooks).  Our Thordike Press Large Print imprint publishes about 1500 titles annually.

History and brief description of your company/publishing program:  Gale is a global knowledge provider to libraries that serve school, universities, colleges and communities.  Gale provides curriculum-aligned content in databases, eBooks, primary source archives and makes it accessible through technology to deliver better learning outcomes.

Gale was founded in Michigan in 1954 by Frederick Gale Ruffner, Jr.  While working as a market researcher and running into difficulty finding a directory of trade associations, Mr. Ruffner saw a need for curated reference content — and an opportunity.  Gale Research Company was born.  The company’s first publication, the Encyclopedia of Associations, is still published today in digital format.

Now a part of Cengage Learning, Gale continues to enrich the library environment.  We’re committed to partnering with libraries to help them change lives in their communities and to showcase their undeniable value, helping solve real problems for real people.

Additional Items of interest to ATG readers:  On the academic side, supporting digital humanities is a key focus for Gale.  Gale was one of the first publishers to provide customers with access to the data and metadata behind our digital archive collections for text and data mining purposes.  The Gale Primary Sources platform also offers search visualization (term graphing and term cluster) tools for researchers beginning digital humanities work.  Gale is also exploring additional services through a sandbox -type offering for researchers.

In addition, through our Gale Primary Sources program, we’re focused on digitizing more global and diverse content through our network of partner institutions across the world.  The recent launches of Early Arabic Printed Books and the Archives of Sexuality and Gender are examples of this effort.


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