<span class="padlock_text"></span> v28 #4 Profiles Encouraged: Cristina Caminita

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prof_photo_cristina_caminitaHead, Research and Instruction Services, LSU Libraries
141 Middleton Library, LSU, Baton Rouge, LA  70803
Phone:  (225) 578-5433  •  Fax:  (225) 578-9432
<ccamin1@lsu.edu>  •  http://www.lib.lsu.edu/about/staff/cristina-caminita

professional career and activities:  I’ve been active in ACRL’s Science and Technology Section and currently serve as one of six directors for the United States Agricultural Information Network (USAIN).  I was selected as an ALA Emerging Leader in 2013.

family:  My husband Kurt, my five-year-old son Thomas, and Maggie, my dog.

in my spare time:  I work out, I study languages, I hang out with my family, I walk my dog.

favorite books:  Neal Stephenson’s The Baroque Cycle, Hilary Mantel’s A Place of Greater Safety and her Wolf Hall novels, tons of nonfiction.  Bill Bryson is a favorite author.

philosophy:  Everyone else is making it up as they go along, too.

how/where do I see the industry in five years:  Continuing to change and innovate, and finding serendipitous victories among the challenges, particularly in academic library environments.  The fast pace of technological change requires library entrepreneurs and innovators to keep up and take risks, and that is a challenge to the slower pace of decision making and risk taking in academia.


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