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finger on the newsUniversity of Iowa Libraries Supports Digital Scholarship: Seventh Profile in ARL Series;   *Elsevier’s DataSearch Launches (Beta), New Resource Searches Across Multiple Repositories;  *Textbook Trends: How U.S. College Students Source Course Materials”;   *Knowledge Unlatched Announces “KU Select 2016″ Collection, 343 Titles From 54 Scholarly Publishers;   *CAS Will Release Chemistry and Scientific Information Finder;  *Wikiverse Reaches for the Stars;   *HathiTrust US Federal Documents Registry now available as a beta release;   *Updated CAB Thesaurus provides a controlled vocabulary resource of almost 2.5 million descriptive terms; and  *OCLC partners with the Association of College & Research Libraries for collaborative project; plus more library and publishing news from a variety of sources.

“The Association of Research Libraries (ARL) has published the seventh profile in a series highlighting digital scholarship support at ARL member libraries. The latest installment in this series features the work of the University of Iowa Libraries.

The University of Iowa (UI) profile presents a brief history of the evolution of digital scholarship support at UI, focusing on the Digital Scholarship & Publishing Studio, created in 2015 by merging the UI Libraries–operated Digital Research and Publishing department with the campus-operated Digital Studio for Public Arts and Humanities…”

infoDOCKET cites the Mendeley Blog which reports that “Elsevier takes the next step in making researchers’ lives easier with the new DataSearch engine.  You can search for research data across numerous domains and various types, from a host of domain-specific and cross-domain data repositories. It’s available at (…”


Citing a Nielsen Blog Post, infoDOCKET also notes that “more than two-thirds (69%) of total expenditure on course textbooks continues to go towards print materials, according to data from Nielsen’s U.S. Student Attitudes Towards Content in Higher Education report.

The research, which was based on data from interviews of over 1,800 students in two- and four-year academic institutions, found some 39% of spend goes to new print materials, 17% to used print materials and 13% to rented print materials…”

In addition, infoDOCKET reports that “KU Select 2016 is Knowledge Unlatched’s (KU) third collection of specialist scholarly books in the Humanities and Social Sciences which it hopes to make available on an Open Access basis.

As KU moves out of its Pilot phase, it has expanded its offering to 343 titles: 147 front list (to be published between Nov 2016-April 2017) and 196 backlist (published between 2005-2015) books.

According to Information Today “CAS, a division of the American Chemical Society (ACS), announced that it will release its SciFinder(n) research tool in spring 2017. SciFinder(n) will offer new content, enhanced functionality, and improved workflow features…”

Information Today also reports that “Wikiverse, a new interactive 3D website, aims to turn a Wikipedia search into an outer space experience. It presents “constellations” of related topics, such as nature, literature, and history…

For more information, read the blog.

hathi trustKnowledgeSpeak reports that “the HathiTrust US Federal Documents Registry is now available as a beta release. The Registry is intended to be a comprehensive source of metadata for the US federal documents corpus – material produced at government expense since 1789. While many potential use cases exist, an important use will be the identification of materials that have not yet been digitised and/or deposited into the HathiTrust repository…”

Also according to KnowledgeSpeak “the 2016 edition of CAB Thesaurus – the largest source of terminology covering the applied life sciences -has been published. It provides a controlled vocabulary resource of nearly 2.5 million descriptive terms. CAB Thesaurus is projected as an essential tool for academic, corporate and government librarians, who need to navigate, retrieve and index vast amounts of data…”

In addition, KnowledgeSpeak notes thatOCLC has announced a partnership with the Association of College & Research Libraries to design, develop and deliver a new ACRL agenda ‘Action-Oriented Research Agenda on Library Contributions to Student Learning and Success.’ The team will be led by OCLC’s Lynn Silipigni Connaway, joined by William Harvey, consulting software engineer at OCLC, and Vanessa Kitzie and Stephanie Mikitish, both doctoral candidates in the Library and Information Science program at Rutgers University…”

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More library and publishing news from a variety of sources

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