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Rumors – p. 1
From Your Editor – p. 6
Letters to the Editor – p. 6
Deadlines – p. 6


The Future of the Monograph
Guest Editors, Adriaan van der Weel and Colleen Campbell
by Adriaan van der Weel and Colleen Campbell — The monograph has a venerable history but is its future assured?
by Agata Mrva-Montoya — Agata speculates that while the monograph may no longer be the predominant medium in the transmission of knowledge, it remains a keystone species in the scholarly communications ecosystem and is vital for the future of scholarship.
A View From the Mellon Foundation by Donald J. Waters — Can the need to advance scholarship be reconciled with the need to drive down the costs of both manuscript and other long-form publication to affordable levels? 
the Dual Role of Researchers and the Demand for Dual Formats by Colleen Campbell — Colleen interviewed doctoral students at the EUI in Fiesole, Italy.  All expressed concern for the monograph and the belief that everybody’s writing and nobody’s reading.
Or, the Irrelevance of Authorial Intent by Rick Anderson — The use of monographs print or electronic has obviously changed with availability and preference of the end user.  The intent of the author as to how he/she wanted the book used is not relevant.
by Geoffrey Crossick — Crossick makes a compelling case for the open access monograph.
by Adriaan van der Weel — Adriaan says we are living through a major revolution in the way we consume text and that there is no reason to be pessimistic.
Op Ed – p. 40
Our History Is Disappearing Under Our Noses – Literally!  A Proactive Approach to Circumvent a Failing Preservation Technology by Joe Mills — What efforts are being made to preserve centuries old print collections?
Back Talk – p. 86
The Great Flip by Ann Okerson — The mot du jour is “flipping the model” for journal article publishing.  These days, “flip” (in journals publishing) points to a particular kind of change, from subscription to APC.
Issues in Book and Serial Acquisition — Call for Papers, Ideas, Preconferences, Speakers, etc.
The 2016 Outsell Information Management Benchmark Report – p. 36
by Katina Strauch — This important report points out“tipping points” for the information profession and the people who manage it.
Altmetrics and Books: Bookmetrix and Other Implementations – p. 84
by Donald T. HawkinsDon found the Bookmetrix system interesting and enjoyable to use.


by David ParkerDavid Parker, Tom Gilson, and Katina Strauch decided to query some of our colleagues regarding consolidation in the information services and library environment.  We have published the first ten responses that we received and we are looking forward to receiving more.


CRL and Alex Publishing Solutions
Yoav Lorch – p. 44
Founder and CEO, Total Boox


Center for Research Libraries – p. 38

Ann Okerson – p. 42

Alex Publishing Solutions – p. 42

Yoav Lorch – p. 45

Alex Holzman – p. 46



Reviews of Reference Titles by Tom GilsonTom reviews American GovernanceEncyclopedia of War Journalism 1807-2015;  and more.  Don’t miss Tom’s extra servings!
Moving Texts (i.e., Videos) by Susan L. Wiesner — Books we need to keep in our collections.
Booklover – p. 50
Off Broadway by Donna Jacobs — This one features Francois Mauriac’s A Man of Letters.
Book Reviews – p. 51
Monograph Musings by Regina Gong — In honor of ALA Orlando, this issue is filled with reviews of ALA publications.  Mentoring A-ZFRBR, Before and After;  and Becoming an Embedded Librarian: Making Connections in the Classroom, are just a few that Regina has included.
Oregon Trails – p. 70
Hay-on-Wye or Bust! by Thomas W. LeonhardtTom talks about his trip to Hay-on-Wye, a Mecca for booklovers and we know Tom is one of them!


Edited by Bryan Carson, Bruce Strauch, and Jack Montgomery

Cases of Note — Copyright – p. 55

Questions and Answers – p. 56
Copyright Column by Laura N. GasawayLolly provides answers to many relevant questions.  One about the Authors Guild v. Google case and another the Georgia State University case.


Bet You Missed It – p. 12
by Bruce Strauch — What do eating disorders and strong women have in common?  Read it here!

Straight Talk – p. 37
Private Equity Firms and their Influence in the Library Marketplace by Dan Tonkery

The Scholarly Publishing Scene – p. 57
Brave New World? by Myer KutzMyer encounters use, royalties, theft and the contrast of the digital and paper worlds.

Random Ramblings – p. 58
Why I’m Glad I Do Humanities Research by Bob HolleyBob says he is not a STEM researcher but that he will continue to do research as long as he has something to say.

Optimizing Library Services – p. 60
Enhancing the Competitive Advantage of Libraries through Social Media Marketing by Tom Kwanya and Christine Stilwell — A look at the benefits of Social Media

And They Were There – p. 62
Reports of Meetings — An ARLISN/A-VRA report and more reports from the 2015 Charleston Conference by Ramune Kubilius and her crack team of reporters.

Collection Management Matters – p. 68
Friendenemies, Part II: The University Business Services Department by Glenda Alvin — The library’s Acquisitions Department and Business Services have a common taskmaster – the auditor!

Don’s Conference Notes – p. 74
Electronic Resources & Libraries Conference by Donald T. HawkinsDon reports on the 11th ER&L Conference which took place in Austin, Texas in April.

Charleston Comings and Goings – p. 82
News and Announcements for the Charleston Library Conference by Leah Hinds — Keeping you updated on the 36th Annual Charleston Conference.


Both Sides Now: Vendors and Librarians – p. 67
In Vendor/Library Negotiations;  Both Sides Should Be Listening to the Same Radio Station – W.I.I.F.M. by Michael Gruenberg — Both sides wonder What’s In It For Me?

Curating Collective Collections – p. 72
Shared Print and the Book as Artifact Part 2 by Mike GarabedianMike’s findings about presence on the shelf and usable physical condition suggest that any given volume is 98-99% likely to be on the shelf and usable.

Let’s Get Technical – p. 79
Desk Tracker: A New Way of Tracking Cataloging Statistics by Stacey Marien and Alayne Mundt — The accumulation of statistics on a spreadsheet does not always fully capture the scope of the work being performed

Little Red Herrings – p. 81
Patrons, Patron Saints, and Pew by Mark Y. Herring — If ever libraries were more torn, it is now, when we are pressed on every side to be all things to all kinds of people.


Pelikan’s Antidisambiguation – p. 66
“VR much?” by Michael P. Pelikan

Standards Column – p. 69
Transfer Today by Nancy Beals

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