ATG Book of the Week: Publishing and the Academic World Passion, purpose and possible futures

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publishing and the acad.worldTitle: Publishing and the Academic World: Passion, purpose and possible futures
Editors: Ciaran Sugrue & Sefika Mertkan
ISBN: 9781138916715, $53.95; Hardback: 9781138916708, $155.
Imprint: London: Routledge, 2016

“Within the Academy, itself a changing and increasingly entrepreneurial entity, publishing is no longer an option; it is the universal currency that secures a position, tenure and promotion; it is key to academic life. Providing a panoramic picture of the changing publishing climate, Academic Life and the Publishing Landscape will empower scholars by enabling them to navigate this changing terrain more successfully.

This book provides guidance from a range of contributors who use their own wide expertise in writing and publication to document the challenges faced by scholars at different career stages and in different locations…

With topics ranging from the process of preparing manuscripts for publication, including chapters on calculating journal rankings and understanding the Peer Review process, through to chapters on speaking to international audiences and writing for elite international journals, this book offers a unique perspective on how the changing nature of publishing works…”

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