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  • NFAIS;
  • UK Open University;
  • NISO;
  • Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers;

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Instructors: Jessica Olin, Director of the Library, Robert H. Parker Library, Wesley College; and Holly Mabry, Digital Services Librarian, Gardner-Webb University

Offered: April 11 – May 27, 2016

A Moodle based web course with asynchronous weekly content lessons, tutorials, assignments, and groups discussion.

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Universal Design is the idea of designing products, places, and experiences to make them accessible to as broad a spectrum of people as possible, without requiring special modifications or adaptations. This course will present an overview of universal design as a historical movement, as a philosophy, and as an applicable set of tools. Students will learn about the diversity of experiences and capabilities that people have, including disabilities (e.g. physical, learning, cognitive, resulting from age and/or accident), cultural backgrounds, and other abilities. The class will also give students the opportunity to redesign specific products or environments to make them more universally accessible and usable…

Date: Monday, April 18, 2016
Time: 11:00 am – 12:30 pm (EDT)
Location: Virtual

…In this NFAIS Webinar, three expert presenters – SPARC’s Heather Joseph, CHORUS’s Howard Ratner and the National Transportation Library’s Amanda Wilson – will discuss:

  • The origin and purposes of the OSTP public access directive and FASTR legislation
  • The latest progress in regard to expanding public access to federally funded scholarly literature, research and data
  • What the future holds for public access policy in the midst of the upcoming national elections
  • How the public access initiative impacts the non-profit and commercial scholarly publishers in the U.S. and internationally
  • The continuing effort to index metadata critical for accessing federally funded research across the spectrum of scholarly published materials

Where: UK Open University
When: 16th to 18th May 2016.

The conference title reflects a new and exciting focus for m-libraries. m-libraries was launched in 2007 by the Open University in partnership with Athabasca University to promote and share experience of the delivery of library services using mobile devices, when developments were in their infancy…

The use of mobile devices has become so ubiquitous that the m-libraries conference has gradually adapted its focus to address new challenges. This time we consider ‘Smart Libraries’ as the overall theme of the conference. What services, technologies and staff skills will be required for libraries to evolve and meet the needs of Smart societies and Smart users?

This conference will be of interest to all those involved in researching, planning, developing and providing innovative services, as well as technical developers and others working in the Smart societies initiatives worldwide…”

April 20, 11:00am – 5:00pm EST

Assessment exercises for institutional libraries are frequently a double-edged sword; they’re as readily used to justify cuts as they are to bolster budgets. This NISO virtual conference provides expert insights into how data gathered in the normal course of activities can be leveraged to demonstrate value to the parent institution. Data represent the raw material for building your case. What data are available? How is their quality? What is the appropriate context for persuasively presenting that data to deans, provosts and other
administrators? This virtual conference will address these and other key concerns…”


‘What will the researcher of the future demand from publishers?’ ‘How is the industry responding?’
Join us for our full day seminar to gain insight to these and other questions. The day will start with a panel of seven doctoral students who will share their research practices and information experiences across many disciplines. You will also hear from a wide cross section of speakers who will look at how the industry is changing and adapting to give the researcher of the future the best possible user experience.

Book now at to learn how to use tools for success in understanding your audience, including market research, user testing and persona development. With case studies from key stakeholders detailing how the industry is responding, this is a must attend seminar if you want to stay one step ahead…