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  • Digital Overtakes Print is a post from Carl Straumsheim of Inside Higher ED that says for the first time digital sales of major textbook publishers have surpassed print sales.  The article goes on to question if the numbers are right, how they are gathered, and if it actually matters.  A quote from  Macmillan Learning CEO Ken Michaels seems to sum it up: “I am not sure that perpetuating a metric like digital vs. print adds value…  Learning is hybrid and it demands agility depending on how instructors teach. It is not like the trade world where you read digitally or read print. Education demands multiple forms of engagement in order to optimize learning.”
  • Why do kids prefer to read print and not ebooks?  This article by Michael Kozlowski of GoodEReader comments on “recent research conducted by BookTrust in association with the Open University revealed that 76% of surveyed parents found their children prefer print books for reading for pleasure and 69% prefer print books for educational reading. As for interactive e-books, only 30% of parents said that their child prefers using them for reading for pleasure, and 34% for educational reading. Only 15% of parents said that children prefer using simple e-books for reading for pleasure and educational reading.”
  • The lost art of indexes in ebooks  is a post from Joe Wikerts’ Digital Content Strategies blog in which he bemoans the lack of indexing in most ebooks.  Blaming “the misguided notion that text search is a better solution” he not only points to the clunkiness of existing ebook search but notes the loss of the synonyms and related terms that a good indexer can provide.  It’s not that Joe wants to replicate the print books index. What he advocates is “index functionality right there on the page I’m reading.”  He even offers some idea of how it might work.

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