V27 #6 Profiles Encouraged: Meredith M. Babb

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Director, University Press of Florida
Gainesville, FL  32603  •  Phone:  (352) 392-1351
<mb@upf.com>  •  www.upf.com


Professional career and background:

December 2005 – Present:  Director, University Press of Florida, Gainesville, FL

October 1996 – December 2005:  Editor-in-Chief, University Press of Florida, Gainesville, FL

February 1992 – September 1996:  Acquisitions Editor, University of Tennessee Press, Knoxville, TN

November 1987 – January 1992:  Acquisitions Editor, William C. Brown Publishers (now Times Mirror/McGraw-Hill Higher Education) Madison, WI

August 1984 – November 1987:  Publishing Representative, William C. Brown Publishers, Dubuque, IA

In my spare time I like:  Gardening, surfing, rowing, biking, and of course, reading.

Favorite books:  J Austen: Sense and Sensibility.  I. Asimov: The Foundation Trilogy.  J.R.R.Tolkien: Lord of the Rings Trilogy.  Robert Graves: I, Claudius and Claudius the God.  Homer: The Odyessey.  Rumi: The Book of Love.

Most memorable career achievement:  Creation of Orange Grove Texts.

How/Where do I see the industry in five years:  All digital but not all open.


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