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katinaBy Katina Strauch

Charleston has survived unprecedented rainfall this weekend. Thank you all for your many phone calls, text, Twitter and Facebook messages. Compared to Hurricane Hugo back in 1989, Joaquin was manageable for us in Charleston. The Charleston Conference will definitely still go on. We will gather here in less than a month! There has been all kinds of flooding across downtown Charleston and the entire state of South Carolina. Our best wishes go out especially to our friends in Columbia and other affected cities.

Spent several days in Pinehurst at the Outsell Signature Event this past week. What a wonderful group of CEOs, entrepreneurs, and information strategists talking about Success in the Digital Machine Age. The opening keynote was delivered by L. David Marquet whose book Turning the Ship Around, A True Story of Turning Followers into Leaders outlined how the crew of the USS Santa Fe became leaders to take control rather than following rote orders. Also, had several great conversations with many people —  Thane Kerner of Silverchair who has spoken at the Conference several times, Richard Gottlieb of Greyhouse Publishing, Gregory McCaffery of Bloomberg BNA about whether or not librarians should be called taxonomists rather than librarians. I remember a long time ago when  Lucretia McClure wrote against a name change for librarians. Have to find the citation! BTW, just saw that the amazing Lucretia received the  2014 Robert F. Metzdorf Award for her contributions and meritorious service to libraries.

Returning to the Conference, don’t miss the book display and signing of three of the newest books from the Charleston Insights in Library, Archival, and Information Sciences series. The editors will be signing the books on Thursday night at the aquarium. The three new books are:

Katherine Purple, Brian Shaffer and the new director of Purdue University Press, Peter Froehlich will all be in attendance  at the Conference! Come on down! The last registration numbers show 1,559 people registered and it’s barely October!

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