v27 #4 Tools and Apps from AVPreserve

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pdfby Chris Lacinak  (President and Founder, AVPreserve)  Visit:  http://www.avpreserve.com/avpsresources/tools/

AVCCA free, open-source Web application developed by AVPreserve and funded by Library of Congress, METRO and AVPreserve.  AVCC is focused on enabling collaborative and volunteer-driven efforts to inventory and describe AV collections in order to gain the intellectual control necessary to make decisions about collection management and obtain funding.  Data entry is controlled to promote quality, and there are several built-in reports and graphs that make it easy to get key metrics and documentation.

MediaSCORE/MediaRIVERSA free, open-source media preservation prioritization Web application created in collaboration between AVPreserve and Indiana University.  MediaSCORE (Media Selection: Condition, Obsolescence, and Risk Evaluation) enables a detailed analysis of degradation and obsolescence risk factors for most analog and physical digital audio and video formats.  MediaRIVERS (Media Research and Instructional Value Evaluation and Ranking System) guides a structured assessment of research and instructional value for media holdings.

Catalysta new solution developed by AVPreserve to perform large-scale, item-level inventories of AV collections with increased quality, value, oversight, and optimization of resources.  Images of items are used to enable remote description, quality control, and collection management.  Taking advantage of automated processing and minimal datasets, even a small team can work through hundreds or thousands of items a day.  Catalyst data can be exported to generate reports for preservation planning and selection, or to become the basis of a finding aid or more complete catalog record.

FixityA simple, free, and open-source cross-platform desktop application created by AVPreserve.  Fixity enables automated fixity monitoring and reporting for stored files of any kind.  Schedule routine scans to take place and receive detailed reports via email showing whether files have been added, moved, renamed, changed, or removed. Fixity can be used with any files.

MDQCA simple, free, and open-source cross-platform desktop application created by AVPreserve.  MDQC stands for Metadata Quality Control and enables quality control on batches of files based on technical and embedded metadata within them.  MDQC can be used with any files.

BWF MetaEditA free, open-source, cross-platform desktop tool created by the Federal Agencies Digitization Guidelines Initiative (FADGI) and developed by AVPreserve.  This tool permits embedding, editing, and exporting of metadata in Broadcast WAVE Format (BWF) files.  It can enforce metadata guidelines developed by the Federal Agencies Audio-Visual Working Group, as well as specifications from the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), Microsoft, and IBM.

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