ATG Quirkies: the Seine ‘the only river in the world that runs between two bookshelves’.

by | Sep 2, 2015 | 0 comments

bouquins-283x300This fascinating article appears on the BookAddition website and focuses on the second hand and antiquarian book dealers of the Seine in Paris, the so-called Bouquinistes of Paris – Seductive Merchants of the Minds.

Also known as ‘libraries forains’  these open air booksellers have a tradition that stretches back to the 16th century and continues to the present as “240 bouquinestes occupy 10 meters of railings long the Seine for an annual fee, making use of 900 distinctive bottle green boxes (the size of the boxes was fixed in 1930) to house hundreds of thousands of books…”

(Thanks, as always, to John Riley of Gabriel Books for providing ATG Quirkies!)

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