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katinaBy Katina Strauch

The Executive Committee of the Society for Scholarly Publishing (SSP) has announced that the bam-zowie Melanie Dolechek has been named the organization’s Executive Director. Melanie most recently served as Director of Publishing and Marketing of Allen Press and co-chaired the SSP annual meeting in Crystal City in May 2015. The position of Executive Director will provide leadership and strategic vision during a period of expansion for the Society. At Allen Press, Melanie’s experience included marketing, communications, strategic planning, financial management, product development, project management, and operations management. She holds a Master of Science in Management degree from Baker University. She will assume her new role on August 10.

Following up on Sarah Hoke’s departure for academe, Steve Hyndman, whom many of us know as a current Digital Sales Representative, has accepted the role of, Collection Development Manager for the Southeast US, effective immediately. Steve has a Masters in Library Science from the University of Maryland College Park. He started working at YBP in 1996 as an Approval Bibliographer, and in 2005 he became the Collection Development Manager for YBP in the Mid-Atlantic territory. Soon after Steve was promoted to Senior Collection Development Manager for the Northeast territory. Since 2012 Steve has been working as one of three Senior Digital Content Sales Managers, responsible for the East coast. Sarah says Steve is more than ready to take on existing and future projects. Contact him at:

Speaking of University of Maryland College Park, several years ago ATG published an interview with David Lide about the CRC Handbook by Svetla Baykoucheva (Head, White Memorial Chemistry Library, University of Maryland College Park.) Svetla’s new book  Managing Scientific Information and Research Data  has 16 chapters, and five of them are interviews with experts in the field of scientific information including Eugene Garfield.

(See also Svetla’s ORCID ID)

Just finished the preface to the Charleston Conference 2014 Proceedings. There are many great papers!  Adam Murray’s paper on big data and retention and academic libraries is a prelude to the upcoming 2015 Charleston Conference Preconference, Assessment and Academic Library Value with Adam Murray, Ashley Ireland, Carrie Donovan and John Watts. Speaking of which there are over 12 preconferences on Wednesday, November 4. Check them out on the Charleston Conference website.

The papers are categorized into six areas:

  • Collection Development,
  • End Users,
  • Management and Administration,
  • Patron-Driven Acquisitions and Interlibrary Loan,
  • Scholarly Communication,
  • and Techie Issues.

The proceedings will be made available on the Purdue University Press website and will be freely available for download.

The Call for papers is finished and we have nearly 300 proposals for refereeing this year. We will work on them this weekend.  Looking forward to reading all the stimulating and innovative proposals.

Talk about innovative. Heard from the incredible John Dove who has not retired since his going away party by Credo at last year’s Charleston Conference. No siree! John is fully engaged in the library world. Besides doing consulting with Informatics in India, he has been appointed to the NISO Discovery and Delivery Topic Committee. Plus in his spare time, he is advising four clients. And has taken up the issue of Open Access and is posting a proposal that publishers, especially open access publishers should ping authors of referenced sources to urge them to self-archive — that this is a way that the adoption rates of so-called “Green” Open Access can be accelerated. See  Overcoming Inertia in Green Open Access.


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