We think a number of you will be fascinated by this new video by John Riley in which John visits with Daniel E. Kelm, a book artist who expands the concept of the book with his innovative techniques and unique bindings. Daniel is known for inventing “a style of bookbinding called “wire edge binding”… in order to explore the nature of the book as articulated sculpture.”


A book is most successful at telling a story when all components work together toward a single effect. So why is it that we expect words and images to be used to artistic purpose, but rarely demand the same of the binding? To many the binding provides—at most—an additional surface on which to compose visual elements. This strikes me as an opportunity lost. The deep, expressive qualities of a binding are to be found not just on its surface, but in its form, material, and movement. When these integrally support the text and imagery there is a synergistic effect, and the impact is potent.

—Daniel E. Kelm